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Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances.

What is sodium hydroxide?

If we speak a more common language, sodium hydroxide is known to people as caustic soda. Most people know its formula from school, as it’s used quite often when studying inorganic chemical compounds. This compound consists of sodium cations Na+ and hydroxide anions OH–, and so its formula is — NaOH. As mentioned before, you might have seen numerous reactions with this inorganic compound even during chemistry classes at school,

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Laboratory Safety Essay

Working in a Chemistry Laboratory requires a lot of safety precautions from the students and teachers alike. Lack of safety can lead to extremely dangerous accidents so the students need to know about different safety measures. This essay aims to develop an understanding of these precautionary measures so that accidents can be avoided. Your priority before entering the laboratory should be attire as the way you dress can impact your

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Experiment: Aging Tomatoes in Dark vs Light

Method Section We conducted an experiment on tomatoes to find out about their aging process in the presence of light and absence of light. The independent variable is light. The dependent variable is the aging process of the Roma tomatoes. We manipulated the independent variable (light), to see if the aging process (dependent variable) is affected by it. We used 8 Roma tomatoes for conducting the experiment on the aging

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Coral Chemistry and Broken Bones

Bone grafting is the major challenge the modern world is facing, the allografts have limitations including the immunogenic response of the host to foreign tissues and potential disease transmission. To avoid these limitations, natural coral graft substitutes are evaluated. Corals belong to phylum Cnidaria a marine invertebrate, classified into soft corals and hard corals. Coral reefs are primarily composed of the shells of aragonite and crystalline forms of CaCO3. The

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Analyze, Evaluate and Observe the Entropy and Enthalpy of Vaporization of 1-butanol in Response to Changes in Temperature and Pressure

Abstract The purpose of this experiment is to study, evaluate and observe the variating behavior of 1-Butanol’s Entropy and Enthalpy of Vaporization based on variating temperature and pressure. For the observation of this variating thermodynamic behavior of 1-Butanol, the experiment was setup. The experiment was conducted thrice to ensure that stable results were observed. The purpose of this experiment is to evaluate the behavior of 1-Butanol in terms of enthalpy

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Atoms are composed of three types of sub-atomic particles. Complete the following table to give their names, masses and charges. Name of Particle Mass Charge Li 6.941 3 Mg 24.3 12 Cr 51.996 24 2. Define the terms:

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Biochemistry of Hair Color

The red color of the hair is very rare in the whole world. About one to two percent of the people in the world have red-haired. Human skin and hair follicles contain some specific cells in the body that are known as melanocytes. The melanocyte cells are responsible for the creation of a particular kind of pigments known as melanin that are responsible for giving color to the skin and

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Answers to Lab Questions on Measuring pH Values

Part II 4. Acids and bases found around the home Acids Vinegar Lemon juice Battery acid Tomato juice Bases Soap Baking powder Toothpaste Cement 5. Acids have the following properties in common; They have a sour taste They corrode metal surfaces They have low pH values below 7. 6. Bases have the following features in common; They taste bitter They have a soapy feel They have pH values above 7

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Loss of Energy due to Collision of Ions with Other Charged Particles

Introduction In industrial physical, energy conservation is one of the most critical aspects and important procedures. Whenever involved in the manufacturing or developing of any new electromagnetic component, the loss of energy needs to be conserved to avoid any losses that cannot not only be harmful to resource optimization but also for the environment. Since the loss of energy is because of the collision of ions and charged particles, it

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Biochemistry Essay

According to Balliet, “Biochemistry refers to the study of chemical processes and transformations in a living organism.” Biochemistry allows learners in understanding how chemical processes, for example, respiration influences the functioning of all living organisms.

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Describe the types of chemical contaminates that have been identified?

Explain the route of contamination for each chemical. Since Bisphenol A does not happen naturally but rather has turned out to be pervasive in food products because of its high creation, utilization, and consequent environmental presentation, its route contamination is basically the environmental wellsprings of BPA, which can be identified as preconsumer and postconsumer items. Based on the tests, Melamine is unlawfully added to ice cream, keeping in mind the

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What are PCBs and PCDFs? What type of contaminate are they and why are they significant?

1. Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD) and dibenzofuranes (PCDFs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) are kinds of industrious and bioaccumulating natural toxins with upgraded perpetual danger and cancer-causing properties and can be considered as ecological pointers of anthropogenic exercises since their event in the earth can simply be connected to anthropogenic exercises. The present paper surveys the primary sources and conduct of these mixes in nature and the dangers they speak to man

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Different Reactions of Alcohols

1. Isomers are compounds with the same molecular formula but differ in structural conformation. In C4H10O, the carbons can be arranged in a straight chain to form but i-ol and but-2ol. we can also have a chain with three carbon atoms and a branched methyl group in the middle to give 2-methyl propanol. Compounds formed can be ethers or alcohols. Three isomers with the formula C4H10O hence can be butan-1-ol,

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