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Case Study of SWOT Analysis of Bally-Total-Fitness


Bally Total Fitness is known as the renowned health fitness organization of the United States of America. It is one of the crucial names of the health club industry of the country. It started its business services in 1962. The organization of Bally Total Fitness is acclaim as the largest commercial operator when it comes to the fitness centers of the country (Wells, 2016). It is notable to mention that the particular organization of Bally Total Fitness is also facing the immense market challenges as it is one of the major stakeholders of the health club industry of the country. The corporation of Bally Total Fitness facing the immense level of market competition in last few years. This particular feature becomes the reason for decreasing the stock price of the organization. The particular business features of the organization demand to consider all the elements associated with the business perspective of the company. Here the focus is to critically analyze the market scenario for the Bally Total Fitness with the necessary consideration of SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis or SWOT matrix is considered as the crucial feature to understand the actual business scenario for the organization effectively. The spectrum of SWOT analysis provides the necessary indications about the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the organization (Helms & Nixon, 2010). It is known as the form of evolution which can play a vital role in the overall strategic process of the organization.

SWOT Analysis of Bally Total Fitness

SWOT analysis can be a viable approach in the particular case of Bally Total Fitness to propose the better options to deal with the possible business issues. The overall process of SWOT analysis come up with the features of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which will address one by one in case of Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation.

Strengths of Bally Total Fitness

There is the existence of some factors which can be characterized as the key strengths of the organization of Bally Total Fitness. These particular features made the organization as the leading fitness provider in the country and internationally. Strengths of the company are the facets which give necessary competitive advantage on the market. Strengths of Bally total Fitness can be mention as follows:

Size Advantage

Undoubtedly, the expanded size of the organization gives the necessary edge on its rival companies in the market. The organization of the Bally Total Fitness has the potential of necessary resources to effectively and efficiently deal with the different business risks. The organization has enough distribution of the resources to expand its business in the new markets.

Cost Advantage

Cost can be a feature of strengths in the particular case of Bally Total Fitness. Lower form of costs for the new projects ultimately leads the organization to the higher profits. The organization can effectively use this particular approach of low cost to give the necessary business edge on its rival organizations. Lower costs can be beneficial for the entity of the organization in the long run with the consideration of the high value.

Unique Products

Unique products of exercise and fitness offered by Bally Total Fitness makes it leading the organization as compared to other potential organizations in the market. Unique features proposed by the company also enhance the customers’ loyalty which makes it difficult for the other competitive organizations to gain the necessary value over the particular strength of the Bally Total Fitness.

Weaknesses of Bally Total Fitness

Proper and necessary identification of the possible weaknesses in case of Bally Total Fitness can be effective for the organization to timely address the concern issues. The company faces the different business challenges in last few years mainly due to its imbalance approach of necessary business planning. Following are the features which can be identified as the possible weaknesses in case of Bally Total Fitness:

High Debt

High form of debt burden or imposition of the immense level of taxes can be ranked as one major weakness in case of Bally Total Fitness. The growing prospect of debt can lead the organization to the immense problem of bankruptcy if organization remain stick to poor business decisions. High form of debt interest payments damages the long-term financial position of the company.

Cost Structure

The cost structure of the Bally Total Fitness is another feature which can be perceived as the weakness for the organization. High form of costs of the company as compared to its competitors significantly impacts the financial features of the organization. Inappropriate implementation of the cost structure ultimately increase the overall costs of the business which can be a reason for low profits.

Opportunities for Bally Total Fitness

Potential opportunities in case of Bally total Fitness provides the necessary insights about the external facets related to the business. It gives the necessary indication about the prospects which can be adopted by the company to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Possible features of opportunities in case of Bally Total Fitness can be explained as follows:

Global Markets

The factor of a global market can be considered as the feature of opportunity in the particular case of Bally Total Fitness. The large size of the organization gives the edge to the company to expand its services of fitness and exercises to the different regions of the globe. The approach of the online market can also be a viable option for the Bally Total Fitness to introduce its services and products to the large range of people belongs to different parts of the world.

New Acquisitions

New acquisitions is another form which can be effectively used by the Bally Total Fitness as the opportunity to expand its business (Gardon, Rutledge, Heinlein, & Diaz, 2011). This particular expansion can be in the form of advancement of new technologies or to propose new features of services to its customers. Formation of new elements in the business plan can be helpful for the organization to enhance its profitability by capturing larger market share.

Threats of Bally Total Fitness

Identification of the possible threats to the market is another essential feature which can be helpful for the organization to critically analyze the feature of the potential pressures of the market. The prospect of threats in SWOT analysis helps to understand the external elements which ultimately provides necessary indications about the implementation of the proper approach to the business plan.

Alternative Products

Availability of the alternative products to the customers can negatively impact the profit level of the Bally Total Fitness. If people have the opportunity of other services and fitness products available in the market than it is immensely difficult for the company of Bally Total Fitness to increase prices at the desired level because customers can easily switch to the other products which ultimately hurt the demand for the company’s products.

Change of the Market

The maturity of the market can be another threat which has to face by the organization of Bally Total Fitness (Ferreira & Gustafson, 2006). It can be difficult for the company to make more profits due to the expansion of the market.


SWOT analysis can be an effective approach to understand all the features related to the market effectively. A proper understanding of the all the facet of this particular analysis can be helpful to propose the effective approach of profitability in case of Bally Total Fitness.


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