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Case Study: Health Scenario of Ms. Busy having Osteoarthritis

The objective of this paper is to analyze the health scenario of Ms. Busy who is apparently having osteoarthritis and is not able to do most of her chores after retirement from the fast-food industry. Upon physical exam, three signs that are analyzed are that she weighs 160lbs and is 5 feet 6 inches which indicates that she is overweight, suggestive of osteoarthritis. The consumption of e-cigarettes and alcohol has further added up adversity to the situation. Thus, the risk for osteoarthritis is high due to the great decrease in calcium absorption levels as she feels difficulty in walking and is noticed obvious bowing of her legs. Experiencing soreness due to the fall where she outstretched her hand and hip may be due to the weakening of muscles and drying of fluid in those areas of bones which due to the constant soreness may restrict her movements such as flexing, extending, and bending of joints. The soreness she experienced due to the fall is suggestive of osteoarthritis that may limit Ms. Busy’s joint movements which would subsequently affect the weight-bearing capacity of her legs.

Typical symptoms upon physical examination include limited movement due to joint pain, static bones, stiffness, and swelling which is becoming complex with her advancing age. A possible burn injury she may experience is Chondrolysis which would result in the complete breakdown of cartilage that will induce tender and warm joints, severe pain, stiffness of joints, rupture of ligaments and tendons around the joints, and reduced mobility. The primary prevention Ms. Busy should follow to treat osteoarthritis is through eating a balanced diet and cutting off alcohol. The secondary preventions as treatment implications should be maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding stress on knees and joints, and exercising on regular basis. The tertiary prevention for Ms. Busy to avoid complications of osteoarthritis involves immediate treatment of osteoarthritis for preventing impaired muscle function and further progression of the disease. Moreover, social isolation is also the leading cause of Ms. Busy’s suffering from musculoskeletal health issues as it is associated with both psychological and physical adverse outcomes in the elderly. Loneliness and social isolation therefore can be overcome through devising her some healthy activities such as tending plants in her garden, taking care of a pet, encouraging social interaction with her neighbors, and making sure she eats healthy and remains active during the daytime.



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