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Case Study: An Effective Communication Management Plan


This task is related to communication challenges faced by a company, and various kinds of communications channels which are used in this regard, and these are explained below:

Communication Challenges

There are many ways to transfer the message to the community, but it depends upon the person. It is most important in this scenario that the message should be conveyed properly to the concerned person/audience (Adams & Christenson, 2000). The best way is that it should be simple & clear. Communication gap comes when it is not clear & appropriate. In this process, the communication mediums, such as TV, newspapers, the Internet, etc., also play an important role. The standard method of communication is

As per our case study, the management team had different challenges in communications. It had to communicate the message to the masses. The medium of communication is also a big challenge, which is most affected by the message & audience so we should select it carefully. In this case, what kind of communication medium should be used to raise awareness about cancer? The message should be clear & simple because most people are from rural areas. In this case, enhancing awareness among people is a big challenge for the project management team because people have different backgrounds, behaviors, etc. living in different parts of Punjab India. The team had another challenge that the information & data was not accurate (Aldawni, 2001).

Meeting Challenges

1-By increasing public awareness & properly handling

This is a very important task for the PAU project team because it is sensitive to communicate with the target audience, and they made teams to enhance awareness among people.

2-Raise public awareness positively to avoid negative impressions of chemicals

The team decided to visit the area to understand the people, culture & behavior to bring them knowledge about the issue according to their understanding. It is a good way to communicate the message in a positive & effective way.

3-Training is the best option to make people aware of the situation.

Training is the best part of enhancing knowledge about the problem or an issue. It develops skills to communicate or bring awareness to people, which always helps people to convey the message to the target audience with knowledge & complete information about the given task. So that you will be able to convince the other party, otherwise, it may create confusion (Investopedia, 2017).

4-Motivational speakers also play an important role in their knowledge & solutions.

Motivational speakers are like heroes who dominate people with knowledge & impressive ways of communication. So the effect on people is very positive. People want to listen to them & give them respect & obey them.

Communicating with Stakeholders

There are almost four different channels of communication existing among stakeholders. The team referred to these mediums of communication such as Print media, TV / Radio, Face to Face & Internet. These are the different modes which are being used for the effective communication (Ali, Butt, & Tariq, 2011). Stakeholders are those who are interested in the workings of an organization and working in close coordination with the company to achieve their vision and mission along with the organizational strategy and dimension; hence, they can work on improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Communication Channels

The following mediums were being used for effective communication by the management team:

  • Press for press releases posted on the PAU website, so this will serve the purpose of managing information sources for the channel.
  • TV / Radio for advertisements; this will be done for mass marketing and to address the masses of customers.
  • Face to Face for awareness meeting: this direct interaction will make sure that customers and companies meet with each other in person.
  • The company’s website and social media platforms can serve this purpose, and nowadays, all companies prefer to communicate with their customers in digital form.

Lessons Learnt

In this case, I learned that a simple & clear message always positively affects the audience. Culture & behaviors matter a lot for the people in different parts of the world so we should plan accordingly & take care of that properly to get the best results of our effort. In this case, the team takes care of all the aspects of the community that are being addressed.


So, from this discussion, we can conclude that communication is essential for the existence of a business and should be given due importance in the course of business to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Through proper communication channels, we can spread our voice message to our target audience and target market, increasing our market share and customer base.


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