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Case Review Tesla Motors

1.1 External Analysis:

The following section can evaluate the external atmosphere of Tesla market trade. It focuses on the subsequent factors:

Micro-Environmental factors of atmosphere (The Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis)

Macro – Environmental factors (PESTEL)

1.1.1 The Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis

Porter’s model permits classifying and analyzing parts that determine intensity of competition. It’s vital for analyzing the productivity of a business below 5 sources of competitive force.

1.1.2 The threat of recent entry

For TESLA, the threat of recent entry is low. The explanation behind it’s that the quantity of vehicles competitor is extremely little and that they have already got their own target niches. Additionally to it, some corporations already collaborate with TESLA Motors. Completely different technologies area unit are being developed by European corporations that reduces the competition for TESLA.

1.1.3 Bargaining power of patrons:

Buyer’s talks power for TESLA isn’t that top. TESLA’s dependence on their relation with corporations like Daimler and Toyota area unit are the explanation for the current environment. TESLA’s yearly report shows the importance of their relationship with Daimler and Toyota. The high provide of their profit is aggregative due to being a provider to those corporations. They cannot ruin their relationship with these corporations World Health Organization create their force so much higher than the bottom. With that, they to boot sell their vehicles to individual shoppers and government allures permit an attainable client to impose credit logic. It comes like these probably to explode the request of the electrical vehicles that lowers the purchaser’s talk’s power.

1.1.4 The threat of substitutes:

The machine-controlled trade doesn’t face risk of substitutes as it’s extensively low. Number of choices of substitution of motorcar area unit they are owing to this reason should be considered. Sport or strolling that is poorly designed for semi-permanent ventures might be one amongst the substitutions. Mass transport which incorporates trains, transports, and trams that area unit cheap for near and separate journey might be another substitution. Today people incline toward their personal vehicle, which is a lot of opportune for them.

1.1.5 The talks power of suppliers:

Supplier’s power to discount is significantly eminent. Basically in lightweight of the actual fact that TESLA very depends upon their suppliers and if any issues area unit caused owing to convincing through instruments. It adds a foot division that may cogitate adversely TESLA’s organization image. This proves that TESLA have over two hundred suppliers from everywhere the world from whom they get parts from additionally to developing shut associations with their principle suppliers (e.g. Panasonic), cooperating to succeed provider’s frame with exchanging no matter anyone else and creating up the recent battery cells. The supplier’s area unit the sole channel of provision items that area unit being employed as elements of their autos.

1.1.6 The intensity of competition within the trade:

Automobile industry faces intensive competition. However, the market wherever TESLA is positioned, competition is significantly moderate. It’s simply because of the petite range of closing with relevance eighteen completely different models. What is more, automobile market is increasing chop-chop and is extremely fancying for investors.

That is the explanation large organizations like, Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW entered late with the module models within the market. aside from this, organizations are trying to form their own explicit specialties by making decisions like natural neighborly autos, as an example, crossover autos, very little execution turbo diesel and biodiesel autos. Organizations ought to end up to be a lot of focused and will continue sweetening and production of higher autos in lightweight of the actual fact that presently, competition are going to be all the a lot of requesting.

1.2 PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL investigation is structure to dissect environmental system which can evaluate the surface condition factors to differentiate those parts and dangers through that the centered condition would be formed. The PESTEL examination options following six perspectives:


TESLA Motors should realize the distinctive political patterns, whereas exchanging autos in seventeen nations of North America, Asia, Western Europe and that affects their business tasks. Another basic issue is that the vitality of credit programs by federal government for brand spanking new motorcar advances advancement.


The monetary development is enclosed in economic components for elective vitality ventures and increment within the value of utilizing because the rise in fuel prices within the short timeframe. Later, progressively effective autos have clad to be face higher interest rates. The customer get management was majorly tormented by recovery of gross domestic product. Within the bigger a part of the created nations from the declining timeframe in 2008/2009 growth rate was additionally recovered.


Social factors area unit all regarding increasing environmental problems. Patrons don’t trust gas fuel and connected value afoot endeavoring for betterment of environment and atmosphere. Individuals’ criterion for judgment each other today is the type of motorcar they claim and having an electrical motorcar enhances the economic successfulness of consumers. Increasing in aged population with higher socioeconomic category and funds is another social angle. Patrons get a kick out of the possibility to pay a lot of electrical autos, higher in quality.


Quick globalization adds to the situation of technological issue. In the company, there has been abundant innovation progression within the business, as an example, presenting electrical motorcars and computerizing autos that let automotive auto driving and protects from unsure mishaps. In future, this may bring prompt changes in security and accommodation of autos. Likewise, B2B stages and trade places got higher probabilities to the motorcar business that dilated efficiencies and diminished the prices. Still, there’s a demand for charging station foundation that’s demand for long roadways.


The most difficult issue for automakers is making eco-friendly vehicles for an extended time that area unit skilled in fuel consumption. Environmental views, as an example taking conglomerating attention to environmental modification, causes changes in activities and firms’ merchandise and ventures. It’s as a result of awareness is being hyperbolic among the people regarding the ecological impacts and that they do assume a lot of regarding the world. Besides, TESLA autos deliver zero emanation which pulls in patrons that area unit needed to be eco-friendly.


A variety of controls started, presenting vitality credit comes and stressing upon making eco-friendly vehicles from inexperienced developments. It doesn’t alter TESLA to propose their autos specifically to purchasers. Hardly any authoritative completely different viewpoints for collection of battery autos incorporate the assessment of encouraging forces and support to develop the demand amongst shoppers.

1.3 Internal Analysis:

1.3.1 Resources:


TESLA has according that their quarterly money results did not meet the market’s potentials as an entire. In 2012’s latest quarter they lost around $38.5 million USD. Though, they somehow succeeded to extend sales by AN exponential rate of 861% in 2013 .TESLA Motors stayed persistent towards investment in capital expenditures and payment around $76.55 million.

Moreover, investment was off by money and operative activities and internet money generation was hyperbolic of $49.06 million USD. TESLA had stable magnitude relation of zero.97, which urged a decent forecast to hide their current liabilities with their fairly quick assets. The databases show that TESLA is in an exceedingly cheap money position. Firm is showing intelligence investment in an exceedingly long run property profit owing to that they area unit they’re} capitalizing on environmental opportunities even once they are troubled to perpetually generate profit. The trade in the company is persistent towards valuing their proposition leading to increasing profit.

Physical and Technological:

End of 2012 showed that importance and the value of the property of TESLA Company. Their gear, property and plant were of great monetary worth. The monetary worth was estimate near $562 million USD. In this amount a combination of the resources used by the company were included. This shows that the basic needs of the company are filled with complete dedication. Besides this, the basic resources are fully established that is why the company is concerned about the maintenance as well. The company makes sure that in time maintenance is done. Unite Area developed vehicles are created under simpler conditions. The productions done in a week are near to four hundred.

The year of 2002 highlighted important matter of browsing physical resources. Model X was created back then for solving these issues. In the present time, the company is aiming on creating compressor organizers that will be delivered throughout the United States of America. The successful running of such compressor will then make sure that the company serves in the country of Canada as well. However, this is included in the long term planning of the company. Additional requirements of the long term plan include delivery all over the Europe. The physical resources of Tesla due to the hundred percent developments are major success factor for the company. These resources make the company superior over other companies. Besides, a profitable situation is created for the company.

1.3.2 Intangible resources

Human resources:

Dynamic strategy shared by Elon Musk, the CEO and co-founder of the company, makes the company excel in different sectors of the world. Overall, it is the development goals of the company that are counting in making its position strong. Since the CEO created most of the strategies himself, hence a lot of effort was punt into this. The determination and goals of the CEO made TESLA what it is now.


TESLA’s vision to alter the manner the automotive trade works and likewise as from their creative thinking and innovation has contributed towards their name. They need forever been dedicated towards reducing society’s reliance on gas and oil business and their repute is one amongst the environmental considerations they need. TESLA positions itself as innovators and that they hope to try and do well and generate influence that lasts for an extended time. TESLA’s Model S vehicle contributes vastly towards its incomparable high name. This vehicle was Motor Trend’s 2013 automotive of the year’s winner in nearly each class. This creates the fact very clear that however of these awards make TESLA engaging and its association with twenty standard brands, and with all this, it propels high on name.

Organizational Capabilities:

TESLA Motors is a company that prevails on spinning pitiful resources into creative yields and on the off likelihood that we tend to think about their property alone and therefore the innovative work, they’re to blame of the action that that they had up till this time. As indicated by Motor Trend, their Model S has around 250 copyrights alone. The firm controls the property to quickly refill their motorcar batteries that paid for shoppers to refill their vehicle battery by the road facet. This ability has been abused on all their compressor arranges that are made in North America and Europe.

Part 2: Questionnaire

1. Competitiveness of the Company

Tesla is already in profit; cost will reduce with time, especially for their batteries. The product is incredible though, but depreciation of product will make it go away over the span of time. The resale value of the automobile will be guaranteed as most of the people don’t need range rather they demand a better quality. The improved battery life and the one which can be swapped is hard for conventional automobile manufacturers to produce electric autos.
In contrast to the above argument, tesla’s cost may rise and price might have to come down. As the product focuses over niche, the attractiveness will reduce once the newness wears off. As mentioned in the case, people don’t trust electric cars anymore and it creates a range anxiety. If once an alternative such as BMW jumps in the industry, with better energy alternates, TESLA’s game will become bad.

2. Entry Strategy of the company:

Tesla Motors has been a standout amongst the most discussed automakers in the previous decade. The organization began from zero and had ascended to the best places in rankings for best autos and among the most regarded organizations. The greater part of this is inside somewhat more than ten years. Up to this point, organizations like Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and GM commanded the US market and persuaded that the power these organizations had could keep potential new contestants off the market. That did not terrify Tesla.
Tesla started their company by basing it on a reasonable item. The luxurious electric vehicle was worth seeing. However, the issue was that only a few people were able to bear the cost of the car established by the company. In this situation, the CEO was determined to begin with a car that was good and luxurious which means the car would be costly. This enabled the company to enter with fewer assets in the market and more value. New Companies earn profit when there is the involvement of innovation in the products offered by them. Innovation makes the market to divert towards the established company. The Roadster set the begin and enabled Tesla to demonstrate their underlying achievement and collect the cash required for the foundation of their factory and the future vehicle models that would now be able to prompt the mass interest and bigger appropriation. It was the accomplishment from accomplishing something that required low capital that helped Tesla acknowledges greater tasks taking the organization nearer to achieving its central goal.
As a common start-up, Tesla depended on the trial-blunder approach. Musk trusted that nobody can know everything from the beginning, particularly with no related knowledge in the car business. In any case, he trusted that it is the organization’s duty to fail less. This is the reason he depended on assessments and criticism that would help his start-up ceaselessly enhance and overhaul its electric vehicles.
The essential driver behind Tesla’s prosperity is the want and requirement for development. Elon Musk trusts that practical vitality is the thing that will propel the world. Until at that point, be that as it may, there is no arrangement or an approach to accomplish that. So in his brain, there is just a single thing that could tackle the issue, and that is advancement.

3. p9 Plan of the company:

Tesla’s objective is to give the electronic vehicle to the buyer and infiltrate into sports utility vehicle advertise where the well off individuals have appeal. At this point, when their item end up immaculate and they accomplished a stable consumption. The organization will move into more noteworthy competition to showcase less expensive price. Tesla attempts to grow the market into remote market before discharging another item. In February 2013, the organization procrastinated the discharge date of Model X auto to center around creating and giving the model X auto to the client

4. Evolution of the Industry:

TESLA is an extremely successful and stable organization and its current situational examination give future system to the firm in this industry to get by in a profoundly focused market. Be that as it may, TESLA’s successful organization has turned into a main preferred standpoint organization in view of their great administration and awesome development thoughts in the vehicle fabricating market. But at the same time the industry might get even more competitive making competition a serious threat for TESLA to survive in market.

5. Tesla’s Strategic Choice:

Tesla constitutes of all of the things that helped them to have a clear and powerful identity by making up an effective strategy. It always stayed successful in its goal to accelerate the shift to environmentally sustainable transportation and make the world better in doing so.





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