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Carvalho, P., 2015. Youth unemployment in Australia. Policy: A Journal of Public Policy and Ideas, 31(4), p.36.

Unemployment in Australia

The paper have discussed in detail about the current situation of the country regarding the youth unemployment in Australia. I am looking for the reasons because of which the overall unemployment rates are very high in Australia only and what global factors are influencing these factors. This paper have discussed these issues precisely and have explained the rising issue of unemployment among the youth which is effecting the robust economic growth and the overall smart regulation of the country. Most of the content in this report is about the facts which are collected through the economic forums and the development statistics of Australia. Overall there are five major recommendations discussed which includes the best way through which the youth, government, private sector, educational institutes and the entrepreneurs could help in resolving this issue precisely. If these innovative and creative ways would be implemented in the country or in any part of the world than they will extremely boost the economy of the country and will help in increasing the job opportunities in the overall market for the youth as well as other groups of the continent.

Fowkes, L., 2011. Long-term unemployment in Australia.

This is a web journal and discusses about the long term unemployment issues in overall Australia. I am searching for the best ways which would help me in finding the reasons behind the unemployment in Australia as well as the ways to overcome this issue in a supersonic speed. For this purpose, this source of information serves the best to find the current situation of the country. Currently it is considered that the suffrage of jobless community is because for the lack of opportunities for finding the jobs as well as lack of funds for their help. The paper is discussing the policies and about the structural unemployment which now rose at an aggregate levels. The criticism of the policies could also be found and a little about the statistics of some NGO’s investments is also observed. It is observed that if the role of training and the role of employers could be considered than almost more than three fourth of the problem will be solved. This will be highly motivational in enhancing the stepping stone sand the career advancements.



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