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Career Opportunities And Individual Interests

Every scholar has some career interests which will give them their dream jobs. There are many career opportunities in the world, and it all depends on individual interests. Certain careers can lead one into different job positions. Some jobs pay better than others, some need more commitment than others, and some are done at night while others are done during the daytime. All careers are different and unique in their own way.

There is no better career than the other; what depends is the interest that one has towards what he/she is pursuing. Some job positions need different levels of education. One may need to have a bachelor’s degree, some a doctorate degree. The higher the level of the positions, the higher the level of education or certifications.

The career interest chosen is in the field of psychology. What does this field involve? It is the study of the behavior and mind. A psychologist can help people make good decisions, help them during the depression, and much more on behavior and mind problems. People in this profession can work at different levels in different positions. In every place where there are employees, a psychologist should be employed, too. The most common area where they are found is in health facilities (Seligman, 2014).

Being a psychologist, I would prefer being in a position to help families going through a hard time and also help nonprofit organizations that help people fight depression. There are very many families experiencing kale in the world, and they need a good psychologist to help them. When one sits down with these families and helps them come to a universal decision, then the children live in peace, making the whole world peaceful. Depression is one of the reasons people are committing suicide, leading to many deaths. If people meet psychologists regularly, such things rarely happen. If seminars are organized to help depressed people, that can be a very smart move. Some of the positions one can be employed to work in include child care, public service, healthcare, and marketing.

Job positions A detailed description of the position Can you qualify for a bachelor’s degree Level of training or education required. Is licensure required? Are You willing to pursue the required education or licensure? The total estimated cost of completing the education or licensure for the knowledge addition.
Childcare If there are people who need a lot of guidance, it is the children of the current generation. The children have a lot that disturbs them, but they cannot share it with their parents due to fear. They need a person who understands them so that they can open up. This is a job position that should be taken seriously. A psychologist helps the child make good decisions in life and teaches the child good behaviors. When children are shown the way, they follow and stick to the plane. So, if well taught, the children can be very good citizens in the future (Walsh, 2014). Childcare needs only a bachelor’s degree since it is not complicated. The psychologist does not experience difficulties in solving kids’ issues. The level of education needed for this field is just the degree. The psychologist can also add certifications in child care to gain more knowledge. I am willing to add as many certifications as possible to make sure my work is clear. Not much.
Health services In the health sector, the main problem is the act of depression. Most people suffer from high blood pressure due to depression, leading to the deaths of many people. A psychologist can help the sick have good guidance on different issues. If the client takes the obligation and sees the psychologist regularly, then the depression can be well solved. In health services, a degree is not enough. There is a need to get more certifications like a master’s or doctorate. I am willing to add as many certifications as possible to make sure my work is good. It would depend on the years of study. It is not that cheap.
Public services Public services involve giving back to the community. General services to all. In Nonprofit organizations, they can take the initiative to help people in a specified location with stress management. A lump sum of people can end up being helped to solve their life cards. A degree is not enough for such a position. There is a need to add education. Masters or Ph.D. I am willing to add my education to make sure my work is clear It will depend on the number of years.
marketing In business, marketing is the backbone that makes every business thrive. People who are marketers experience stress while doing their jobs in the office, field, or at home. The advice comes in, and the psychologist addresses the issues. It will remove the burden from the employee so that he/she can focus on success (Wickens, 2015). A degree can be enough, but an addition cannot be dangerous. Just a degree is enough, but there can be additions, like having a Master. I am willing to add my knowledge. Depends on the type of education or licensing.

(Larsen, 2017)

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In conclusion, a career can have as many job positions as possible, but the majors are those four. It is a great career since one can work on different grounds with different people.


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