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The core purpose of such report is to assess in a comprehensive manner role of FBI officer. With the growing impact of social and political activities under the shadow of social media and other aspects crime rate and other critical issues are expanding at a rapid pace (Harris, P. M., & Keller, K. S. (2005). Since its inception in 1908 FBI is continuously committed to achieving excellence and ensuring safety and security of the state and also proves it a watchdog for the United States of America. Historically such agency was aimed at the development of national harmony and also ensuring concerns of the state through reporting to US intelligence community and also to Director General of Intelligence. The organizational structure of FBI and role of its officers include intelligence branch, national security branch, information, and technology branch and human resource branch. Given ranking of officers here at FBI, same can be explained uniquely like a special agent, senior special agent, supervisory special agent, special agent in charge and its management includes deputy assistant director, assistant director, deputy chief of staff, deputy director and executive assistance director. Attorney General of USA has the power to appoint officials to identify and prosecute crimes that pose threats to the United States at any level. Such document will discuss various aspects in detail like emerging issues faced by FBI officers, education level required for FBI officer, training, duties and responsibilities, potential fringe benefits and perks and privileges and prospects for employment as FBI officer and these will provide a detailed analysis of information for the work.

Emerging Issues:

The advent of security concerns and threats posed by international anti-state elements like the presence of terrorist groups and their activities have indeed created a sense of harassment and anxiety among the masses. These aspects to a large extent have realized FBI management and its related entities to provide a comprehensive and sound footed action plans so that interest of state can be gauged on a long term basis. Since its inception FBI has proved detrimental in curbing various challenges especially during the murder of US former president John F. Kennedy and thereafter during civil rights movement in USA which not only proved instrumental in bringing change at substantial level in USA but also indeed proved mettle and competence of FBI officials in checking activities of anti-state elements in an effective manner (Nakashima, E. (2007). Role of FBI officials during 1984 Olympics which were held in Los Angeles and in particular during one of the most horrible incidents of September 11 attacks raised at a substantial level that assured country’s administration that it could move at any level for the security and protection of interests of the state. During nine eleven incident in 2001 the then FBI director Robert Muller considered revamping of the whole of structure of FBI depending upon circumstances faced by it and reports produced by it in collaboration with CIA in 2004 on such horrific incident provided sound recommendations so as to secure nation and foreign investors trust on the national security issues of the state. Head office of such agency is in Washington D.C. along with 56 field offices, and as per estimate, its staff members are above 50000 covering various domains like scientists, language specialists, information technology specialists and professionals from various fields. For the time being the USA is leading the world in the name of war against terrorism and given such aspect role of FBI and its team members have increased manifold at massive levels.

Necessary education, credential, and training:

For ensuring role as FBI officer it is mandatory for an individual that one must hold four year’s bachelor degree and for the job age must be in between 23, and 37 and accordance with the decision of the department of state and office of personal management eligible veterans enjoy age limit up to 37. An applicant for a job in FBI must hold citizenship of USA and enjoy the sound moral character and not involved in criminal and other social activities at substantial levels. Apart from that, at least three years of working experience is mandatory before applying as FBI officer. It is also detrimental to mention here the fact that in most of the cases security clearance is required before being approved as FBI officer through sensitive compartmented information and same is administered by the office of personnel management. For special agents it is also must that they pass a fitness test and apart from that various other requirements need to be fulfilled like physical tests including 300 meter run and the passing of polygraph test and it is also notable to mention here that without passing such test any person cannot enjoy employment in FBI at any level.

Duties and responsibilities:

The job of FBI officers covers various aspects in a differentiated manner by the structure that such board holds by the mindset of the attorney general and other state requirements and vice versa. FBI agents are assumed to cover various duties like the investigation of bank robberies, cybercrime, drug activities, terrorism and those crimes that are conducted in a well-organized manner. Apart from that FBI official conduct investigation in more than 200 classifications of issues related to national security and federal law. FBI officers conduct activities in all of the above mentioned activities and render efficient and qualitative output for the best interest of the state, and historically they have been able to prove their mettle across the country in a much-diversified manner. It is notable to mention here the fact that in the USA drug activities are enormous in various states owing to the presence of people belonging to various nationalities and also those who always remain in search of opportunities to protect their western interests. Special agents on behalf of FBI also render services even across the corners of the world as and when they are deployed for tasks that are of a massive level and where security threats are huge for the USA and its people. Terrorism, corruption, drug abuse and various other aspects also prevail in the USA and this regard role of deputy director, in-charge agent, supervisory special agent and other prominent officials increase manifold depending upon the level of concern in the case.

FBI officers also render services in collaboration with law enforcement agencies of state like Police when they face difficulties in the gathering of information about drugs and other critical aspects that need the attention of public enforcement authorities. It is also detrimental to mention here the fact that during the cold war with Russia, Vietnam War, and nine eleven incident it was only owing to these FBI officials that interest and security of USA were secured from the menace of those who were able to prove them severe threats for the USA. During Bush administration after nine eleven incident role of FBI officers were tried to enhance too many of other areas given challenges faced by the country and even CIA in strong collaboration with FBI proved instrumental in relieving the country from a state of anxiety and tension which were at its peak at that time enormously. FBI officials and field staff investigate activities and matters that come before them and also render technical and physical support to law enforcement agencies since it includes scientists, human resource specialists and other personnel having respective expertise in their fields at comprehensive levels. Apart from that FBI officials also undergo proper training and tough experiences at initial stages which enable them to prove their mettle in even most challenging tasks in a comfortable manner. Terrorism and drug trafficking are very critical issues across the corners of the world and since USA holds prominence in economic and political activities therefore mostly groups and anti-state elements moved for their hidden aims and given it FBI officials prove themselves as guardians of values and interests related to the USA in an effective manner.

Starting and Potential Salaries:

As per available statistics from below mentioned table it has been estimated that average salary of FBI officer starts form $20000 by the level of scale and responsibilities enjoyed by an officer in that particular agency. Such table provides a comprehensive analysis of perks and salary enjoyed by FBI official (Burkett, R. (2013). Mostly state authorities and respective agencies also work in the coordination of FBI and given this salary structure of FBI officers need to be designed at a comprehensive level. Salary structure and other aspects which are designed given FBI officers have kept all of the relevant aspects like job nature, multiple roles, and other aspects that demand continuous interaction at massive levels with various stakeholders of the society. Since its inception in 1908 FBI is continuously committed to achieving excellence and ensuring safety and security of the state and also proves it a watchdog for the United States of America. Historically such agency was aimed at the development of national harmony and also ensuring concerns of the state through reporting to US intelligence community and also to Director General of Intelligence.

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Employment Prognosis:

Since FBI is representing the USA as security and investigative agency therefore apart from that it possesses various aspects regarding job prospects and other opportunities for residents of USA. Those who seek a job in such agency also have to undergo a tough process of selection, recruitment, training and other aspects of continuing significance about a position as FBI officer. Below mentioned information has been obtained from a reliable source containing job prospects about jobs in FBI being one of the prestigious investigative agency in the world and its due role in USA in collaboration with CIA and other law enforcement agencies prevailing in the USA at substantial levels and vice versa. FBI is, in fact, an organization, and it includes medical professionals, scientists, human resource professionals and director level officials who keep eagle eyes on aspects that pose threats to state security and also come under their defined areas of authority.


FBI officers and those who are eager to join such organization always possess a passion to serve the nation and protect interests of the state at massive levels. Salary structure of these FBI officers is well defined and lucrative as compared to other public servants and such aspect is very much interesting since after tough training and hiring criteria and also with background of four years bachelor degree a person joins such organization so as to prove its mettle in terms of its loyalty for the nation and country in a diversified manner as part of FBI.

Occupational Summary:

FBI officers coordinate and in a wide variety and technical and complex tasks with other field officers and top management of FBI to detect and conclude real results out of matters under consideration about issues of national interest and matters of continuing significance.

Work Performed:

Work which is performed by FBI officer may include the following areas that can be summed up in the following manner:

  • FBI officer coordinates and participates in various issues and activities that are directly or indirectly interrelated to issues of terrorism, corruption and also drug trafficking across the corners of the world.
  • Agents of FBI come from various organizations like army and navy, and apart from that, it is also possible that they may be recruited from police and thus ensures their potential for the best interest of the country.
  • FBI agents protect citizens as a primary responsibility from the menace of terrorism state citizens, and it is also possible that FBI agents are performing dual responsibilities at a time.
  • FBI agents participate in programs and sessions arranged by FBI in consultation with other agencies operating in the country to devise more productive plans and recommendations that can protect interests of people of United States.
  • FBI agents and officers also coordinate and evaluate their current performance with those of previous one and also maintain their highest level of bravery, integrity, and commitment to the collective well being of the state.
  • FBI officers coordinate the preparation of security controls and measures for the protection of citizens of the state and also put forward recommendations as appropriate in accordance with the situation like they did after nine eleven incident when USA was feeling very critical situation and thus after 3 years of efforts in 2004 FBI presented a sound report containing security measures and recommendations that could prevent happening of such disastrous and horrific event again.
  • FBI officers evaluate and analyze information gathered during their professional responsibilities regarding progress, accuracy, reliability, timeliness and thus put forward appropriate recommendations in this regard in the best interest of the country.
  • They participate in the development of national security plans by available statistical information and other aspects about plans.
  • Provide technical and critical guidance to other law enforcement agencies like Police, lower ranked officers in FBI and even consult Federal Attorney and CIA in case situation and matter is of much critical nature.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of national action plans as professional security officials and investigative experts and same became prominent during nine eleven incident in a unique manner.
  • Act as a person by the line of action and plan devised by senior officials of FBI. Performance of monitoring, safety, and other security practices to comply with both internal and external rules and regulations for the protection of citizens of USA.
  • Maintain a professional level of competence and skills by training requirements and other aspects so that in the course of professional implementation of obligations same can render the highest level of output and thus ensure the sound image of FBI as an organization and also the state of USA.
  • FBI officer also maintains the flow of work during the performance of obligations by standards defined by internal and external stakeholders.
  • During professional obligations, FBI officers also render quality output for the protection of interests of citizens and also for that purpose utilize at the maximum available physical and technical resources.
  • FBI officers communicate with other professional law enforcers in a very cooperative and sound manner to gather information and evidence which can prove instrumental for them in arriving at suitable conclusion necessary for the achievement of the target as defined by them.
  • Interact with various agencies and organizations like Attorney at the Federal level, police department and other agencies to gain information regarding work done and to be done about the matter under consideration.
  • Participate in investigative process and also review reports produced by other law enforcement agencies and thus put forward appropriate recommendations in this regard.
  • FBI officers also render appropriate solutions and recommendations for interpretation, evaluation, and investigation of quality results and other aspects associated with matters of continuing significance.
  • They also perform obligations by duties about the situation faced by them.
  • FBI officers have to move around the country to assist with criminal activities.
  • They are also considered as responsible for presenting themselves in a court of law in case courts consult them depending upon the gravity of the situation.
  • In most of the cases they have to perform office and field work in a parallel manner since being part of the most critical organization under the title of FBI, and also they keep eagle eyes on suspicious and other persons having malicious intent.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

FBI officers and agents are supposed to achieve a certain level of knowledge and also maintain skills and abilities during professional responsibilities, and these can be explained in the following manner:

  • Bachelor degree in law, criminology, criminal justice and other subject related to that profession is considered as mandatory for working as FBI officer.
  • FBI officers are also required to clear special agent examinations and apart from that any officers working in other organizations can be called at FBI on deputation basis through coordination of top officials of both organizations.


FBI is one of the prestigious organization in the USA and considered as responsible for the protection of citizens of USA, and it also acts in coordination with other agencies like CIA, Attorney at Federal level and since its inception in 1908 it has achieved tremendous and marvelous output and all such is owing to commitment and will of its officials and even agents to render to their best for the nation in a comprehensive manner.

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