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The Closuals Business Plan

Executive Summary:

A statement that describes the vision and missions of the business is called business plan and the product that are to be offered to the shopper and the product that are to be offered to the patrons.. This report is all regarding the article of vesture business. We’re about to name the business as “The Closuals”. As a results of the design, business is one in every of the various portion of each nation’s economy thus this business is chosen for a detail study of the business organize. The business organize of The Closuals can justify regarding the mission of the business and the product of the business to be offered to the patrons. This could place along demonstrate the advertisement and promoting ways in which of the business with a comprehensive research. First a part of the report will provide business description by technique the mission and vision statement of business, business define and merchandise description. The second a part of the report can target the merchandise positioning and then the substance techniques. The other sections of the business organize can describe the financial plan budgets and prices of the operations of the business.

Industry Analysis:

Dubai’s attire and footwear advertise, esteemed at AED11.5 billion of every 2016, represented the premier critical offer of the Emirate’s retail part, in venture with relate investigation. Clothing drives the classification with seventy 3 for every penny piece of the pie. Request at interims this segment was upheld a year ago by esteem offerings by retailers, extensively all through making an endeavor celebrations and deals occasions. The investigation has been free by the city Chamber of Commerce and exchange at the proceeded with eleventh World Retail Congress. It’s expedited one, 500 participants, similarly joined hundred fifty exchange pioneers and advisors, to talk key patterns affecting the overall retail segment. Hamid Buamim, president and boss military work force, city Chamber, same the examination features the basic quality of Dubai’s retail area, what’s more as a consequences of the key patterns which can fuel future development at interims the market. “The facilitating of UAE visa standards to a few nations is foreseen to drive industrialization, that is all through a grasp to hypothetically positively affect the Dubai’s retail showcase going ahead as a consequences of the Emirate gets ready to pull in up to twenty million vacationers every year by 2020,” another Buamim.

Introduction to the Business:

The fashion business in world has never been various stressed than nowadays. It is not solely growing day by day however is additionally modifying itself in such a way that implies that it’s simple to enter and heavy to remain and create your house. Pakistan’s fashion business, due to a mixture of varied cultures, demands originality and not simply repetition any international whole styles. Individuals are mow aware of what they need and what they have and it’s ne’er been lots of vital for a company to remain up smart shopper relations. Every minute an innovative and well-trained creative person or designer is returning into the business and giving cutthroat competition to the remainder. Fashion companies have place along been creating an effort inward, implementing changes to their core operations. However in spite of these and whole utterly completely different strong circumstances, design stays one out and out the key esteem making businesses for the world economy. On the off chance that it was stratified on board singular nations’ definitely justified even despite the planet wide form business would speak to the seventh-biggest economy among the world. In addition, 2016 place along observed numerous energizing changes like, the progress of computerized, the dispatch of “see-now, purchase now”, relate degreed relate concentrated shrewd shake-up at design homes.

Mission of the Closuals:

Our mission is to create such a full that provides stylish and classy article of vesture in casual, formal and semi-formal manner. We’ve got an inclination to all or any acknowledge what our customers want and what our whole will give, our focus is on the aim wherever these 2 will meet. A Closuals shopper is looking for one issue cheap for everyday use and at constant time thus elegant that no-one will choose the particular value of the dress.

Business Description:

Type of Business:

Closuals is additionally a Click solely business. It’s a well-maintained warehouse, for inventory and at constant time on electronic media such as, computer to facilitate its customers to buy for on-line and place along keep a check on the new arrivals updates. As a result of the business is all regarding E-Commerce, we’d favor to be really economical to remain up our social media handles and websites. A team of the specialists was engaged to vogue graphics and to stay the business active in social media.

One issue is gratuitous to mention that is that the patron is among the driving seat and place along the catalyst for modification is technology,’ says Megan Biebuyck, VP of promoting at Namshi. Namshi saw eighty per cent of its customers accessing its on-line store through its app on tablets or smartphones, thus it’s not with relevancy the online electronic computer – it’s regarding understanding what makes the lives of shoppers easier.

Product Description:

Closuals offers all quite casual and semi casual garments supported UAE theme. Following are the categories of trending product gettable at Closuals:


 T-shirts

 Tunics

 Kimonos

 Ponchoos

 Cardigans and Sweat shirts


 Jeans

 Leggings and Jeggings

 Skirts


 Maxi

 Flare frocks


 Casual Shirt

 Kurta

 Semi Casual Shirt

 Shirt and garment Full Suit

Hijab Wears

According to our promotion survey maximum of us like sewn clothes for university and work. This will be why our complete offers 100% sewn clothes. Moreover our survey finished that sixty fifth of us like casual or semi-casual clothes for universities or work. Our brand’s main focus is on providing casual and comfortable vesture.

The higher than mentioned careful vesture choice is what we offer primarily. These are trending in UAE currently and demanded by the shopper currently day after day and might collectively test to a worth effective for the business. Later on, it will be amended as per the response of the purchasers.

a) Closuals Future Plans:

The management and conjointly the owners of -the closuals are really optimistic and have future sure approach towards their business.

  1. Expansion of the business
  2. Versatile Management
  3. Standing firmly with competitors.

Market Analysis:

The research discovered that the following are the various competitors for the closuals among the market

1 Splash

2 The Zimmerrman

3 H.Lorenzo

Competitive Analysis:

The Closuals have vital competitive advantage over the alternative product on the market among the UAE market.

i. All the presently on the market brands are dear. Whereas thanks to native production the Closuals is also a cheap complete.

ii. The Closuals specialize in the middle class and casual vesture lots of.

Marketing of Closuals:

Marketing Objectives:

The promoting has some per made public objective for every business. The target of the marketing of the Closuals is as follows;

i. The business and its offerings square measure getting to be introduced and launched to introduce the offerings and choice to the final public.

ii. Gap sale square measure getting to be offered initially.

iii. The written substance broachers square measure getting to be cosmopolitan among the residential areas, among the commercial and offices, parlors and gymnasiums and among the tutorial institutions like colleges and conjointly the colleges.

Marketing Cost:

The promoting and packaging commands. As delineate early steps the right promoting implies that will bring new customers and revenue for the business and a wrong choice will cause loss to the business.


Age: 16-30

Gender: female


The target shopper for Closuals is also a 16-30 year previous female. The Closuals shopper is either a student or young proficient. As a student, one gain is negligible and as a young proficient she has not all the same worked long enough to establish a serious internet worth, thus in every cases she is budget acutely aware. The Closuals shopper dreams of one day owning look by high-end designers like our completely different competitors. She surfs Infobahn and fashion magazines for numerous styling ideas and inspiration, and he or she prides herself in making low cost apparel appear as if it really costs her really high. For the Closuals shopper, looking is also a wise social hobby that one enjoys at the side of her friends, family and relatives on the weekends. she goes to require her time to browse and take a glance at things on, and as she contains a pool of information concerning fashion and styling she still appreciate the opinions and approval of sales of us.

Market Segments


University going or college going students and young professionals or operative women square measure getting to be benefited by our complete.


Customers that have an occasional budget or gain but high demand of trendy and trendy clothes square measure getting to be targeted.


Middle class or upper-middle category women UN agency not alone want sensible clothes but collectively would love comfortable all the same trendy clothes for every day at work place or university among the fairly audience we’ve got an inclination to are searching for.

Customer Needs:

Technological advancement and conjointly the creation of recent fashion promotion ways have created fashion Omni gift. For characteristic customer’s need:

• Target shopper is young, stylish city dwellers

• Their vesture trends changes vastly and prognostication is hard.

• They like high quality of cloth and complex designs

If we’ve got an inclination to require a look on customer’s desires and demands, eightieth like semi-casuals and a pair of hundredth like casuals in addition to the current they like buying sewn clothes.

Sales and Marketing:

Marketing Strategies:

We primarily target the promotion of our complete. The employment of brochures flexes and business cards are that the communication key to our audience. Closuals has not solely anticipated in ancient advertisements however has marked its place at intervals the e-business world.

From the employment of computer programmer navigation tool until the show of a simple to use electronic computer, Closuals has exploited each best probability for the popularity of our name.

Sales Strategy:

Closuals key to sales strategy are an exquisite shopping for expertise, every time. Once a shopper involves our door, he are greeted and aided the utmost amount or as very little or no as they need. Some customers unit of measurement uncomfortable with immeasurable personal attention; others expect it. Our hour manager expertise as a bourgeois has schooled her how to scan the refined signs that tell her what a shopper is seeking for once they enter.

We additionally arrange to have code to gather shopper information such as:

• Names, social media handles, email addresses and phone numbers

• What reasonably styles the patrons like

• A platform wherever shopper will directly communicate with the buyer service center.

This code cans modification them to customize garments for his or her own self. Infobahn computer can use this tool to record shopper information. It’ll be MENDATORY for each shopper to create this account on our electronic computer. Customers may register themselves whereas making an attempt physically on our place of business. To steer them to register associate initial two hundredth discount are given on their initial sale once registration.

Closuals will settle for returns/exchanges of untethered outfits with receipt at intervals thirty days of their purchase to create a trust with all of our customers.

Advertising and Promotion:

Customization of Clothes:

Closuals provides the facility to its customers to vogue their wear. Physically, customers have to be compelled to purchase what we’ve got designed however the full customization facility is provided on internet.

Loyalty Cards:

Loyalty cards are provided to those customers UN agency can turn out a purchase of Rs5000 on single shop-in. Customers can get points on each making an attempt thus are ready to consume those points to facilitate themselves can wonderful discounts.

Loyalty cards are typically used for making an attempt over internet and looking offline in addition.



Starting any business presently is additionally a check of your entrepreneurial skills. The day by day advancement has created it simple step at intervals the trade however staying in or keeping their position is that the simplest risk any business faces presently. If you fail to manage these risks in no time you may be dragged out of this cutthroat trade. Following is that the list of some potential risks visage in article of vesture trade.

Inventory Management

Adequate inventory all told sizes and colors have to be compelled to get on the market at the place of business. Individuals visiting a store like this expect the search to possess colors and sizes of their numerous and if they fail to possess that the result are discontent customers and lost sales. However on the choice hand shopping for associate excessive amount of inventory leads to excessive storage value and promoting of product on discount costs. Storing article of vesture throughout a temperature controlled warehouse is additionally a time-sensitive value which may be reduced or managed by correct inventory management.

Trend Analysis

Trends at intervals the article of vesture trade unit of measurement tough to catch, fickle and kinetic. Associate honest company is that the one that keeps a check on the forthcoming trends associated not solely acknowledges them however modifies them to create a correct complete identity. Failure to stay associate correct check on kinetic trends can lead to the loss of associate outsize inventory and undermined quality.


Clothing stores got to detain mind kind of things whereas promoting their product otherwise the corporate may suffer abrupt complete identity. The corporate have to be compelled to detain scan the position of their place of business in addition as a results of the fairly product they provide. If your product doesn’t match the target audience’s desires and expectations than positive as shooting your company goes to face a downfall.

Sales AED513,503 AED599,403 AED609,402 AED620,315 AED630,937
Direct Cost of Sales AED204,820 AED237,520 AED239,896 AED245,911 AED249,600
Other Costs of Goods AED0 AED0 AED0 AED0 AED0
TOTAL COST OF SALES AED204,820 AED237,520 AED239,896 AED245,911 AED249,600
Gross Margin AED308,683 AED361,883 AED369,507 AED374,404 AED381,337
Gross Margin % 60.11% 60.37% 60.63% 60.36% 60.44%
Payroll AED131,000 AED122,000 AED137,500 AED139,500 AED146,000
Advertising AED4,800 AED4,800 AED4,800 AED4,800 AED4,800
Depreciation AED4,889 AED4,889 AED4,889 AED4,889 AED4,889
Amortization – Startup Costs AED5,500 AED5,500 AED5,500 AED5,500 AED5,500
Bank Service Charges AED480 AED480 AED480 AED480 AED480
Dues & Subscriptions AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600
Education & Training AED1,200 AED1,500 AED2,000 AED2,000 AED2,000
Insurance – Workman’s Comp AED3,372 AED3,500 AED3,600 AED3,800 AED4,000
Insurance – property & liability AED6,204 AED6,200 AED6,300 AED6,500 AED6,500
Interest Expense – LT Loan AED4,716 AED4,716 AED4,716 AED4,716 AED4,716
License & Permits AED110 AED0 AED0 AED0 AED0
Maintenance – Office AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400
Marketing and PR AED9,600 AED10,000 AED10,000 AED10,000 AED10,000
Miscellaneous AED3,600 AED3,600 AED3,600 AED3,600 AED3,600
Payroll – Charges AED797 AED800 AED800 AED800 AED800
Postage & Delivery AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600
Printing & reproduction AED1,200 AED1,200 AED1,200 AED1,200 AED1,200
Prof Fees – Accounting AED1,500 AED1,500 AED1,500 AED1,500 AED1,500
Prof Fees – Legal AED1,000 AED500 AED500 AED500 AED500
Rent AED36,000 AED36,000 AED36,000 AED40,000 AED40,000
Repairs AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600 AED600
Security AED348 AED350 AED350 AED350 AED350
Supplies – Office & Store AED4,200 AED4,200 AED4,200 AED4,200 AED4,200
Travel & Entertainment AED8,500 AED10,000 AED10,000 AED10,000 AED10,000
Telephone / Internet Access AED1,440 AED1,440 AED1,440 AED1,440 AED1,440
Utilities AED2,100 AED2,100 AED2,100 AED2,100 AED2,100
Payroll Taxes AED720 AED10,515 AED10,890 AED11,490 AED12,015
Employee Benefits AED9,000 AED9,100 AED9,100 AED10,100 AED10,100
Other AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400 AED2,400
Total Operating Expenses AED248,876 AED251,490 AED268,065 AED276,065 AED283,290
Profit Before Interest and Taxes AED59,806 AED110,393 AED101,442 AED98,339 AED98,047
EBITDA AED64,696 AED115,282 AED106,331 AED103,228 AED102,936
Interest Expense AED6,753 AED5,963 AED5,138 AED4,314 AED3,489
Taxes Incurred AED15,916 AED31,329 AED28,891 AED28,208 AED28,367
Net Profit AED37,137 AED73,101 AED67,412 AED65,818 AED66,191
Net Profit/Sales 7.23% 12.20% 11.06% 10.61% 10.49%

Operational Strategies:


Maybe one in every of our most grounded functions of quality is additionally ascribed to the character of representatives and then the foremost up-to-date machines and hardware that we’ve got returned our generation technique plant. Our chief military officer can convey is abundance of expertise to the table that’s to need care an amazing positive for ancient Label™ article of vesture Line.


A noteworthy disadvantage which is able to represent a mark against North yank nation is that the approach that we’ve associate inclination to stand lives another apparel organization that we’ve got an inclination to haven’t got the cash ability to manage multi – billion used vogue name.


One issue is for certain, despite whether or not or not or not nice or awful, of us can dependably explore for clothes to we’ve got an inclination tour; the open door for apparel line to produce their clothes is big that we tend to arrange to use on these openings.


Much constant as another business, one in every of the various dangers that we’ve associate inclination to stand live gettable getting to confront is money downswing. Economic downswing influences effort power. Another risk which will gettable get on my feet to North yank nation is that the entry of another apparel line UN agency could have to be compelled to embrace same organize of action like North yank nation.


The business organize of the Closuals explains all the relevant aspect of the article of vesture trade business. It includes all the factors have to be compelled to be considerably thought-about can fixing place a business throughout this trade.

The given organize can facilitate to launch the business with efficiency. The operational ways in which, promoting ways in which and money ways in which can facilitate at intervals the establishing of the business and additionally at intervals the swish running of the business.


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