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Business Organizations in a Global Context

1. Analysis of Organization:

International organizations are composed of business dealings which are quite different in every organization. All these organizations used their strategies to reach the goals and objectives. However, when organization deals globally, they face some challenges at the same time. The primary business that international organizations carry out comprises of import and export. In the past, a lot of research has been done on the strategies which are used while dealing with business organizations globally. There are some success factors which are implemented to get successful results.

Greenfield operates at an international level. They restore a good reputation in the business world which is why getting a permanent job offer at this organization is a huge deal for an intern. Accompanying line manager will, of course, means that there will be a lot of tasks the intern will have to deal on his own and presenting good ideas to help the organization is the primary duty of the intern. Sole trader, partnership, and companies are the main types of business which commonly exist, however, (Kale, 2005) Greenfield in a company which deals internationally.  Greenfield as an organization is interested in expanding their business so that they can not only achieve their goals and objects but also retain their reputation in the market.

  • Evaluation of responsibilities:

As an organization which deals internationally, it will always make sure that they have a proper communication strategy so that they can deal easily. However, communication barriers will always exist between organizations dealing at a global level. The global organization always tries their best to fulfill all their responsibilities towards their respective shareholders. The shareholder is the main source of money in a company which is why the best thing to do here is to make sure that the shareholders take an interest in the welfare of the business. As employees play a very significant role in an organization, it is necessary to keep these employees happy and satisfied. It is the ultimate responsibility of the organization to make sure their employees do not have any complaints which are exactly how international organizations deal so that it has a good outcome on the organization’s part as well.

A company’s outcome is decided by the reaction of their customers. A business organization operating globally always prefers their customers. Moreover, the organizations are ethically responsible for making sure their activities are not a threat to the environment as well. There is a great threat to the environment which is why it is the prime responsibility of these organizations to protect the environment. (Kale, 2005)  In the present world, an unethical scandal related to organizations spread very quickly which is the important thing is to realize on an organizational level. They make sure they deal efficiently with these ethical issues. All the stakeholders are equally important in an organization

  • Analysis of strategies employed by the organization

When organization operating globally is enhanced, it plays a vital role in the development of the organization. The development of these organizations is only possible if the organization uses right strategies. It is a general concept that an organization develops its international strategy by the analysis of the overall strategy which is being implemented in that organization. The most important strategy that the organization uses is on the HR level. The human resource policies always play a major role in an organization. It is a strong element which will help to improve communication in the organization. This strategy will make it easy for the organization to communicate better with the customers as well. The next step is to make sure that the organization knows about all the geographic regions associated with that organization. The next strategy is to focus on all the available resources in the company and utilize them so that the organization can compete well in the market. These strategic changes help the organization to focus on their aims and objectives.

Another important strategy here is to implement the decision of the higher authorities where they decided whether or not the company is ready to have the edge over other companies in the market. For that purpose, it is necessary that the organization identifies its competition. This strategy also defines how a company needs to focus on certain resources more than the others especially if they have limited resources. Finally, the most important strategy for the organization is to develop a plan which will benefit the company. Every organization uses strategies that are feasible for their employees as well. It is important for the organization’s welfare that they use modern technologies to get better results. There should be reliable sources for the trade that takes place internationally to develop good communication in the organization.

2. Factors that impact Organization:

There are some political and economic factors which influence an organization. Every organization assess the impact of these respective factors on the organization,

2.1 Impact of national economy on business activities:

The progress of advanced globalization is a continuous process. People in the present world are now closer to the global village. However, it highlights the fact that national economy has a great impact on the business activities that go around in the organizations. There are some external factors which influence the business activities. The most important factor is the growth rate of the economy. Education and economy have a very close relationship. It is an undeniable fact that the rate of economic growth is much higher in the developed countries as compared to the uneducated countries. When an organization has more educated workers and employees working for them, it is for them to focus on the higher aims they have for their organization. The implementation of modern technologies also becomes easier. It gives them an edge over their competitors to stay in the market and maintain their status (Dobbs, 1982). In all the organizations where the growth rate is high, the chance of achieving a good profit is always higher than expected.

There are certain factors related to the economic growth which play a very important role in the business activities within the organization. These factors include Inflation rates, Balance of payments, Trade balance, National debt, and Taxation. Consumers are considered as the judges in this whole situation. It is necessary that the customers are always satisfied because if an organization is successful in satisfying their customers, it will help in retaining these customers in the long run. Moreover, the investment plans of the organization operating globally differ from one organization to another. Although government also plays a vital role in this scenario because these policies are presented by the government so if an organization fails to meet the terms and condition it will be not work in favor of these organizations.

2.2 Steps taken by the government that influences a business organization.

All the business organizations play a significant role in the development of the economy of a country which is why the government believes that are certain steps which should be taken to encourage all the business activities within the organizations.  These steps include:

  • Regional policies:

The first important step that government takes is supporting the economically backward areas so that they can help these areas be better at business developments. (Dobbs, 1982)

  • Fiscal policies:

Fiscal policies are necessary on the part of the government to maintain reasonable tax rates so that the government can buy goods at an adequate amount. There are times when the government prefers to decrease the tax rates so that the operating businesses can buy goods at comparatively lower rates.

  • Monetary policies:

This policy is really helpful in controlling the higher interest rates which are charged when goods are brought or supplied to other countries. This policy is controlled by the central bank. This policy is implemented when there are fluctuations in the rate of inflation.

  • Competition policies:

When there is a competition among the organizations, they are more eager to work harder and be better at what they do to satisfy their customers. They do so, by motivating their employees and it is also helpful in improving the quality of the product.

3. Issues influencing the organization

  • Review of the global environment in the United Kingdom

Global environment these days is affected by the country people are living in. If the people are living in the country of United Kingdom, then their global environment would be different since the country is one of the main entries in the global environment. The analysis of many businesspeople trying to raise a high standard business is aware that global environment these days are kept friendly so that more and more people are interested in getting command over the international business. The constructive response received from the domestic market is encouraging for all those working on smaller scale. No doubt the competition is strong these days, but the actual beauty of globalization lies in understanding that you need to excel at you own place and make progress by overcoming the issues encountered at the individual level (Schroder, Wallace and Mavondo, 1993). Research has indicated that the people from different places enter the domestic market since the market is progressing in many different countries with great ease. The pace of the market has changed in accordance to the change in the globalization, and therefore the strategies are revised so that the market can progress in accordance to rules of the entire global market. The local demand of the country is fulfilled with the help of the domestic market. In this case, the best services are provided to the customers increasing the level of customer satisfaction for the country and making customer superiors in the domain.

The United Kingdom is looking into developing newer technologies through which all the United Kingdom-based global companies are created and funded in case they need assistance in getting stability. Moreover, all such technologies that have turned into the demand of the time or can be an innovative change in the world do technology are tried to develop in the country of United Kingdom. The good about globalization in the United Kingdom is the support given by the government. Government is trying their best to support all the international trade whether monetary or through effective policies. The global business started from scratch are started off with the trained and skilled expert who help you in getting them trained in the new phase of life. This indicates the advancement companies of United Kingdome have made in the global market which is way more than the other well-known countries. Free trade is another good thing to happen with the United Kingdom. Government incentives and some of the economic blocs started recently have made the country excel in the global market.

  • Strategies to address issues in the business organization.

Strategic management is one of the key things in solving the broad issues currently residing in the United Kingdom. Since the country is trying to make success in the technological world, hence the modern technologies are yet another way of solving the issues in the organization. Being on a well-accepted post, I can suggest that only with a few changes. If the situation in the environment gets sustainable to the people in the market, then there will be opportunities for all the people running their business in the international environment. Hence to handle the issues in the business organization the first proposed strategy is in the form of the innovative technologies. Newer technologies built a platform for the communication of all the people from different class. Difficulties for the people especially for the British people are decreased with the passage of time. New products can also be developed with the technology implemented in the nation.

Development of a market for all the new businesses for fulfilling the needs of the customers will be a great step in solving the business issues in the organization. To fulfill the needs of the customers, their personal information can also be gathered so that the professionals can help them in the hour of need. Business structures are changing with the passage of time, but it is the time where smaller structures will be helpful in developing the organizations.  A prominent example of such strategy is seen in the form of apple stores in each country  (Schroder, Wallace and Mavondo, 1993) which is excelling domestically.

4. Applications of learning outcomes.

  • Implication of global integration

As the standard of living I changing with every passing time, there is an increase in the demand of the products that are well suited with the higher living standard of the people. The actual success of the organizations lies in the well-developed and keenly managed the integration of globalization. International and boarder perspectives are remarkably facilitated with the global integration. In this scenario, trading blocs are of great significance since they remove the international barriers of the business organizations. For implementing the concept of globalization, there is a need for well-developed employees having amazing skills. The skills present in the employees should be strong and good enough for competing in the market. Besides this, the culture of the organization should be kept unique so that a lot of countries operating with the organization are facilitated easily. The speed of the organization may be slowed down if the company tries to introduce new kind of culture.

There are lots of international organizations like IMF which are assisting the company in making the company better in the global market. Assistance given by the international organizations is of the monetary type as well. The quality of the service is improved with the help of the financial assistance given by the international organizations. The infrastructure of the company is amended in such a way that the geographical condition gets better. Hence to sum up the basis of global integration is the sum of organizational strategies, culture, and supportive international organizations.

  • Effect of international trade

Effects of international trade can be assessed by looking at positive and negative aspects associated with it. The positive effects associated with it are as follow:

  • Domestic products and services are no able to realize their lacking area with the comparison with the widespread international market.
  • There is an encouragement lying for the domestic services to offer high-quality products and excel in the market.
  • International trade keeps the environment of the competition with their updated offers hence there is always a scope for the domestic producers to offers exclusive products in the market.
  • With the prevalence of international market, it is observed that there is less pressure on the local market and they are selling with full ease. (Sass, 2007)
  • The investors investing in the domestic production continues their deed since they receive more innovation and production in this case.

The negative effects associated with international trade are mentioned below:

  • With the prevalence of international market, there is a possibility that the demand for the domestic products may decrease causing the investors to keep their hands out of the domestic production.
  • Dumping is a way often used by the foreign products for getting dominant (Sass, 2007). In this case, the foreign products will have more market share than the domestic ones.
  • Innovation will be seen less since many of the products will be depending on each other for their existence.
  • Domestic products face issues to cope up with the foreign products especially when the country is underdeveloped.
  • New investors are no longer interested in developing their country.

Impact of global economy on business.

Global organizations are making people close to each other. Production method and communication styles have changed rapidly. The global economy has a great impact on the business. Competition among the business organization is high these days since the globalization has increased. Every business is trying their best to give better services so that they can cope up in the complex environment of the global market. Customers services that are in accordance the needs of the customers always make them attracted to the business. Organizations are trying to meet this criterion that is why there is an increase in the demand of the customers with every passing day. For a single product, there are hundreds for the customers to choose from. Faster growth of the economy is a significant factor in the generation of the higher profit.

  • Significance of ICT technologies

Information communication technology is a mean of building a strong platform which helps in communicating with the customers. Modern technology facilitates globalization. When the countries can contact each other through ICT, then their issues regarding the business are solved at an instant. These days even the small level businesses use Skype calls as a means to communicate with the clients residing in another city. Besides this low-cost labors are identified with the help of this. Workforces present in the other cities or even countries can be handled and supervised with the help of today’s modern technologies. Storing and manipulating information besides keeping their backup has been revolutionized by information technology.


Today’s world is changing swiftly from the national to the international level to raise their standard of life. Barriers to the trade are getting less day by day out of which the most suitable example is of free trade. Countries which have been experiencing low labor costs will experience competitive advantage with the help of globalization. Globalization is making trade competition of different countries which is easily observed these days.


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