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Broadcasting Board of Governors Strategic Planning and Management

BBG main impacts through innovation and integration form one of the essential strategic plans as per the broadcasting planning. Linked to the strategic plans, asserted by the previous board, it put into consideration the needs of its media houses including Radio stations of the America and Europe among other properties.

The first plan is meeting at least three-quarter of the challenges, producing missioned products into attracting many audiences to our broadcast. The second plan is enhancing the freedom and liberty of media personnel involved in the BBG. A lot has been spent as per achievement of these improvements. However, it consequently increased the number of audiences to times hundreds. This strategic plan termed as innovation and integration addresses the critical challenges in regards to the performance of the constituted live broadcasts known internationally. This is to answer the global need for demanding quality news and engagement.

Mission statement

The mission is to inform and engage people worldwide, by upholding and playing roles of journalist’s organizational which is to give out accurate and credible information to the public without biases. This will enhance democracy and freedom of people all over. Moreover, it acknowledges the broadcasts role in asserting audiences own contributions towards the organization. Leaving the central mandates being to provide accurate data, representing U.S culture, and discuss its policies.

In response to this mission, we expect Information technology to empower citizens in developing their news and stories as per their traditional beliefs giving the broadcast an easy task. This will also enable BBG access day to day credible information from all hotspots.

Our ambitions and performance goals

Being a significant broadcast covering broader contexts, we aim at creating everyday news reporting around the world more so in vernacular as from the targeted news area. Enhancing edition of such story as an international language, e.g. English. We believe by this; we shall become the World’s leading news agency by 2019, linked to our goals and results.

Key steps to achieving goals

To us achieving goals, various steps need to be implemented. These include…

Creating one unifying body unites the multiple branches of BBG organization. Building Global news network that would enhance global democracy and freedom globally. Expanding the Organization by employing techniques and technologies. Involving in nurturing of the dedicated workforce which would serve to develop the broadcast regarding internet censorship and continuation of news formation and delivery process (Bryson, 2018). Reforms including the appointment of Chief Executive Officer to manage the day to day affairs has also be implemented.

Goals and measures

Performance would be linked to our ability to expand the broadcast by increasing the number of audiences, producing standardized and credible news. This would require our body to uphold harmony between targeted people and the broadcast houses. Not only this but also, ensure delivery programs more efficient and importantly achieve targeted needs of the targeted audience as far as news implementation is concerned. Audience needs are the principal target of the broadcast since they are the customers.

Also, Consultation with other stakeholders is an excellent measure and step to the organization. We would consider consulting various Agencies to get their views as per the new drafted strategic plan. We would consider getting brief comments from public diplomacy and international communication bodies. Need to review the languages of the broadcasts delivery is vital as our distribution is dependent on the language used.


Bryson, J. M. (2018). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement. John Wiley & Sons.



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