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Brief biography of Charlene Gallego

Charlene Gallego was born on October 10 1956 in Sacramento, California, USA. Her name was Charlene Williams at the start, but it was later changed to Charlene Gallego after she married Gerald Gallego. Her father’s name was Charles, an honorable and respected entrepreneur and the supermarket chain’s vice president. He and his wife often traveled a lot in their business life. One day, her mother had a car accident and got badly hurt. Due to this, Charlene took over her responsibilities and traveled with her father on various business trips. Her father’s clients often praised her due to her intelligence.

Later in high school, Charlene got addicted to drugs and started using them on a high dose. She eventually wedded a youthful and wealthy man who was a heroin addict. He asserted that Charlene was fixated on lesbian sex and implored him to have a trio with her and a whore. Along with this, she was using a lot of drugs and couldn’t have cared less about her appearance. Her first spouse despised Charlene’s folks additionally interceded in their relationship, so the marriage fizzled and they got separated. Charlene’s next spouse was a soldier more like a mother’s boy. She got tired of him, and they got separated. At that point, Charlene had an affair with a wedded man who soon finished the relationship after she inquired if they could have intercourse with his better half. After the separation, she tried to suicide but survived. It was not long after this that she met Gerald. Gerald’s background is also brutal and upsetting. Gerald was fond of rough sex, and Charlene responded well to this. Charlene was sexually submissive, and Gerald’s machismo attracted her, and was soon sharing in his illicit fantasies (“Gerald And Charlene Gallego”). These two together were known as the serial killers who terrorized Sacramento, California between 1978 and 1980. There was terror spread around the streets of California due to them, and every young woman was afraid of getting caught outside by these serial killers. They were accused of murdering ten victims of whom most of them were teenagers. Most of these teenagers were kept as sex slaves before being killed by the couple. They usually targeted women, and often, they kidnapped two at a time. They would kidnap them from different public areas usually at gunpoint with a .357 Magnum. Then after this, Charlene acts as a lure and takes them behind their van where Gerald stands to rape the victims repeatedly before murdering them in different ways. Charlene Gallego used all her charms to attract young teenage girls and women into the back of a van. The police caught them both in charge of murdering and killing. Gerald denied the killings and the false accusations made by the prosecutors. The prosecutors, however, convinced Charlene eventually to testify against Gerald for a plea deal that reduced her prison sentence to 16 years and eight months. Gerald was sentenced to death, but he died before his death sentence due to cancer. In July 1997, Charlene was released, and during her trial, she studied business, psychology, and Icelandic literature. Charlene died in 2002 in a Nevada prison medical center due to cancer. The Gallegos were mentioned in Jump Cut as an example of killing teams (“Gerald And Charlene Gallego”).


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