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Boys Don’t Cry Film Analysis


The fictionalized depiction of the film boys doesn’t cry events that are concluding the life of Brandon Teena. As it gets represented in the case study of the film, “Boys Don’t cry” invites some interpretation and analysis. A more comprehensive analysis demonstrated that a movie considers a lesbian narrative which broaches the issue cross-dressing as well as the passing of men. A detailed analysis which reflects the film pus into consideration both are of knowledge.

The main character in the film is Teena Brandon who is a twenty-one-year-old who liked to dress like a woman. John and Nissen raped, and they assaulted Brandon after she refused Lotter advances. Lotter grabbed Brandon’s hands while Nissen, on the other side, pulled her pants as well as her underwear to the floor. The consequent and the discovery exposure of Brandon gender transgression and the apparent truth is that after Brandon was raped by her two friends, it affected her sexuality. Therefore, this violent response to differences in sexuality and interpersonal violence which is in the form of hate crime. After Brandon had gone to the authorities to report the matter, she was raped. Later on December 31 Lotter and Nissen broke into the home where Brandon was living which was a house of Lisa Lambert whereby the shot and stabbed Brandon, and the plaintiff believed that by killing Brandon they would conspire with the rape case. The main reason why she was assaulted is that she was a female who liked dressing like a male. After Brandon was raped and murdered the mother sued the murder but the prosecution argued that Brandon murder was a culmination of a conspiracy of abusing him. According to the trial, it was clear that both crimes were as a result of hatred for a female who dresses like a man. The Sherriff get accused of breaching his responsibility of protecting Teena and never bothered to intervene between the time of her rape as well as the time the murder happened (Killermann, 2017).

The main reason why I chose Brandon Teena is that he represents what many individuals who are a transgression. She is a victim of brutal murder and rape due to due to her cross-dressing. The main reason why the perpetrators raped and killed her is that of her dress code. They hated a female who dresses like a male. It is of a clear indication that the society tolerates the female deviance more than the male deviance. However, in this film boys don’t cry the opposite is seen. Tomboyish gets associated with the natural feeling of associating more with the men lifestyle and refuse the female lifestyle. More so this comes as a desire to have more freedom as a man, independence as well as self-motivation. Through her character, we can understand the consequences of sexual deceit and deviance. When Lux was asked why he did not arrest Lotter and his friend before murdering him, he said that he did not trust Brandon since she has lied about her gender (Killermann, 2017).

The themes in this film are gender and discrimination. There are a lot of gender discrimination seen in the society where one believe that this gender is perfect than the other one. More so, most people of various sexuality types such as gays, lesbians, transgender among others face a lot of hatred in the society as well as discrimination. Brandon was suffering from sexual identity crisis and believed that she was not a female neither a lesbian but a man trapped under a woman body. Brandon never wanted to be associated with a lady, but she believed that she was merely a man.


Killermann, S. (2017). A Guide to Gender: The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook. Impetus Books.



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