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Boosting Law Exam Performance: Why LNAT, LLB, GDL, LPC and SQE Tutoring is a Smart Investment

Law tutoring can provide significant benefits for those studying the LNAT, LLB, GDL, LPC or SQE. Discover when it might be the perfect time to enlist the help of a law tutor, understand why it could be the right choice for you, and find out where you can secure one.

The Advantages of Investing in Law Tutoring: Why It Pays Off

Investing in law tutoring brings numerous advantages. Primarily, it offers you an independent, private source of support separate from your law school tutors and peers, typically fostering a much more relaxed learning environment. Having someone solely dedicated to assisting you in reaching your academic objectives can provide immense reassurance, particularly when the pressures of law school intensify.

Law Tutoring in Contrast with Lectures

Opting for private law tutoring doesn’t imply that you disregard your formal course syllabus. It’s important to note that law tutoring services aren’t intended to replace your university or college instructors and professors. They serve as your official guide. The responsibility to stay organised and abreast of your course material remains with you. Without this commitment, your law tutor might find it challenging to assist you effectively, and you may find your knowledge progression and development hampered.

What Are Some Key Reasons for Using a Tutor?

Typical reasons why LNAT, LLB, GDL, LPC and SQE students seek individual tutoring includes:

  • Desiring additional assistance in a particular subject;
  • Seeking help in devising their yearly or law exam season study plan;
  • Requiring a more thorough understanding of feedback received on their work;
  • Aiming to acquire and learn specific skills like reading and annotating cases or drafting a case note;
  • Looking for guidance and feedback on law essay writing; and
  • Requiring study resources, such as LPC notes, for specific Law modules and/or subjects.

What Objectives Do You Have for Law Tutoring?

Regardless of your motivations for pursuing tutoring, it’s crucial to think about how it aligns with your individual objectives. Law tutoring proves most beneficial when you have a clear idea of what you wish to gain from it. Several factors demand consideration. Firstly, what are your strong suits? In which areas are you performing well and feel confident? These might be challenging questions if you’re at the beginning of a law course. Broadly, immerse yourself in the course, actively engage with the content, and get a sense of stability before delineating how tutoring could be of help to you.

Determining the Right Amount of Law Tutoring Hours for Your Needs

Each student has different needs when it comes to law tutoring. Some might only require minimal tutoring, evenly distributed throughout an academic year or term, while others might necessitate more intensive tutoring, particularly during exam periods. By collaborating with your law tutor, you can establish what suits you best. It’s important to bear in mind that the aim of law tutoring is to reach a point where you no longer depend on it. Your tutor cannot accompany you to your exams nor submit your coursework on your behalf. The purpose of tutoring is to bolster your confidence in working autonomously.

Looking for a law tutor?

If you’re pursuing your legal studies in the UK, Brigitte’s Notes law tutoring service, can connect you with qualified law tutors. Their services encompass a broad range of law subjects, including LLB, GDL, LPC and SQE. They offer both in-person and online law tuition to cater to your convenience. Beyond subject-specific tutoring, they also provide guidance on university and career applications.



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