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Bolton, R. & Bolton, D.G. (2009) Book Analysis

The book “Bolton, R. & Bolton, D.G. (2009)” is beneficial to students like me. Ideally, the work constituted in the book demonstrates how difficult it is to work in partnership with some people. People’s lifestyle in the workplace and also presenting beyond comprehensive proven and practical procedures for learners like me to apply.

It also establishes how one comes across coworkers in relation to reading others’ behaviors and languages, aiding in identifying the various ways to collaborate with them. Thus, making small adjustments witnessed an increase in both productivity and quality as a result of the interaction. However, the book discloses both the strengths and the weaknesses of various styles by people in creating some practical methodologies with work while on the job and when off (Bolton & Bolton, 2009. Thus, the book, to me, is an inspirational guide regarding the ultimate goal of enhancing better working relationships, which are essential to workers, hence agreeing with the text.

Madagascar movie is an animated American comedy produced by and released by Dream Works Animations. The film’s structure talks about four animals that come from the Central Park Zoo (Ward, 2016). These animals, without their knowledge, find themselves stranded on the island of Madagascar (Ward, 2016). To start with, at the Central Park Zoo, one of the animals, Marty the Zebra, is seen partying on his ten-year-old birthdate. Although Marty, all over the past year, had grown up bred with a lot of experience and some routines in the wild, The lion by the name Alex is referred to as Marty’s best friend who always enjoys being a showcase figure to the public and also being a celebrity as the “the New York king.” Indeed, Alex is seen trying his best to cheer up Marty, but Marty is feeling some discomfort and is unsatisfied. Hence, he gets some ideas from his fellow animals, such as the zoo’s penguin Rico, Skipper, Private, and Kowalski, who make efforts to escape from the zoo, and therefore, Marty makes the decision to follow them (Ward, 2016).

Nevertheless, Gloria, the hippopotamus, Melman, the giraffe, and Alex track Marty and try to make him come back. However, four of them, two chimpanzees, Phil and Mason, and the penguins, had to find them at the Grand Central station, where they can be rapidly numb through the calming gun when Alex the lion tries to talk with the human is a kind of faulty aggression. From then on, the zoo is forced to ferry animals that have escaped by use if the sea is pressured by captivity activists to a Kenyan wildlife reserve. On their travel, the penguins decide to escape from the enclosed cages and thus take above the ship, captivating it to Antarctica. However, at the connection, their antics make pens hoisting Marty, Gloria, Alex, and Melman fall overboard and, therefore, wash Madagascar ashore since the strap that had secured the crates was broken off as a result of a fight between Marty and Alex.

After that, the animals managed to regroup; they believed them to be at the zoo in San Diego. By traveling, the thought comes crosswise to the Lemur pack, which is led by ring-tailed lemur King Julien XIII. Here, they come to know their true location. This makes Alex the lion blame Marty the Zebra for their difficulty and try to ask for assistance in getting back to refinement. On the other hand, Marty discovers the wild rhymes precisely related to what he is interested in, and both Melman and Gloria join him soon to enjoy the island. Later, Alex comes within and, although disadvantaged from the fresh steaks that he was given in the zoo, his prey starts to demonstrate as he hungers kicks in. The entire group welcomed the Lemurs via King Julien’s adviser: Maurice, aye-aye, had to caution them about the predatory Alex’s nature. The king had to disregard the concern raised by Maurice and persuade the entire group to assist lemurs in feeding the fossa, which was on the shunt to lemurs. Later on, hunger compelled him to attack Marty. After discovering that Alex is a significant threat, the King banishes him from staying at the far end of the island where Fossa also lives. Seeing what had happened to Alex and the way it was challenging to survive having too many predators on the island, hence arty starts to repent of the decision to leave the zoo.

However, the penguins, being in Antarctica, realized it was not as they thought as they landed on the Madagascar ship. Seeing this as a significant chance for Alex to go back to New York, Marty had to rush to his friend, who was again Gloria and Melman’s wish. Therefore, Marty tries to persuade the currently grizzled and starving Alex to come back, although Alex disagrees due to fear of aggressive Marty another time. The Penguins, Melman, and Gloria had to go find Marty, although the fossa trapped them. However, at the last minute, Alex had to outdo his destructive nature and thus scarred Fossa way from the lemur zone. This made Lemurs recover their esteem for Alex, as penguins had to assist him in fighting Shushi’se anger. By throwing a farewell celebration by Lemur for the four of them, the Penguins realized to disclose the news that the fuel had insufficient fuel for the continuation of the journey.


Bolton, R., & Bolton, D. G. (2009). People Styles at Work–and Beyond: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.

Ward, M. (2016). Madagascar 2005 Alex Melman and Gloria go to Grand Central Station. YouTube. Retrieved 27 March 2018, from



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