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“Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think.” by Bryan Stascavage


Argus published an article written by Bryan Stascavage on September 14, 2017, with the headline displaying a title of “Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think.” Although causing mayhem and dismay among the readers of the newspaper and resulting in threats of shutting Argus down and acts of boycott towards the media agency, the article was aimed towards a concern that Stascavage found to be concern worthy in the present social system. Stascavage addressed the issue of the participants that rallied under the unified chant of “Black Lives Matter.” He pointed out that most of these participants are in reality people that are extremist and did commit acts that are despicable in nature. Exemplifying his claims with the example of a few police officers that are previously committed acts that were horrendous. These acts include various occasions where innocent blood was spilled during police encounters. In an argument presented by Stascavage, he mentions that different forms of mainstream activists that wish to be unassociated with the extremist people but at the same time, these mainstream activists wish to elect the extremist police, their representative as well.

In his article, Stascavage defends his point by explaining about the police structure and relating it to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and mentioning that no such structure exists within the movement, since it is clearly decentralized. Numerous enumerations in his article point out that blaming a few police offers is not seemingly ineffective, and will likely fall lightly on to the police department’s ears. Generally the system finds it okay to believe in the conceptual idealization of black criminality being okay, meaning that it’s completely fair to arrest black people doing drugs and ignoring the white people for such an offense. Furthermore he defends his claims by mentioning that these bad police officers always have someone higher up, watching their back and speaking on their behalf.



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