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Biases Impact On Our Own Pursuits of Being Fair

There are some biases, as discussed in the survey, affecting the way we pursue things in our own considerations. Biases affect our ideas and how we respond based on items that we share or just what we say, as indicated in an implicit form in relation to Judaism and Islam. This removal from Judaism affected mainly the field of ceremonial, while the dogmatism of Islam remained in undoubted connection with the Jewish dogmas. This did not prevent Islam from sometimes taking a hostile attitude toward Judaism and its followers. Both in the Qur’an and in the subsequent theological Muslim literature, there is a lot of sharp controversy about Judaism. In regard to the level of bias in our minds, our behavior can be directly affected. Implicit biases may affect decisions one makes on matters concerning criminal justice or even promotions and hiring. In order for us to have many of the benefits at the end of all, we should look at how we can reduce all forms of biases.

Benefit at the end after minimization of biases.

It is very important that we reduce any form of implicit biases through ways such as diversity training. This can be done through evidence-based methods. There is a great need to encourage others on the ways and importance of reducing biases and have strategies focused on denying any form of implicit biases so that we can see the benefits and changes in whatever we do.

The methodology of the test is inherently flawed.

In my recombination based on IAT analysis, it is true to say that one’s results and attitude towards any event of the matter are basically affected by the test that one takes, and this affects the overall overlook of the results. In this case, the effect can be very minimal in comparison to what is bad in Islam paired with what is good in Judaism. This may result in the least conclusion since it is more negative power towards the Islam part as compared to the opponent. The opposite is true, and therefore, on any occasion, it is very important to get to know the participants well through keen evaluation.



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