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Autism Speaks Essay

Autism Speaks a foundation that deals with Children having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and their mission included promoting solutions and helping their families by providing them counseling; along with helping other people to accept children with ASD. The foundation is playing their part in the society as helping others is a great virtue. The bible also comments that if people do not love each other but have the power of prophets are become so nice and that all the time they are speaking god, all is in vain if they love their fellow beings. (Cor, 13:1).

From Zero to Three

From Zero to Three is an organization working to promote parenting during infancy and toddlerhood so that they could be productive beings in future and contribute something positive to it. The Bible shares a point of view regarding parenting that parents should act as a role model for the child in all respects and their teaching must hold dignity and integrity (Titus, 2). So it does provide a good link, but still, they should broaden theirs by dealing expecting mothers as parenting starts at conception.

First Signs

First Signs works with parents and professionals and deals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other related disorders. Bible has a view regarding different calamities and disorders like God is testing them and these trials strengthen a persons’ faith in God. Helping parents by giving them an insight is a real help plus there is also a need for practical work rather just simple information.


Donors are working with an aim to collect donations and then giving it to the deserving schools who have limited resources and want to improve their schooling structures. The donation is a good thing if it is being given to the deserving one. As according to Biblical Perspective everything that gives away, will be given back to you; as God is measuring everything and will get it back to you (Luke, 6). But they should provide details how they are giving away donations so that everybody who is donating can know where they gave.

Teachers Helping Teacher

Teachers helping teacher is a very informative site where teachers are sharing new ideas for their fellow-beings. Being teacher is not an easy task as only a few are made teachers by God, but those who have made will be tested strictly (James, 3). So Teachers helping teacher is an excellent initiative for other professionals, to also have such a platform.

Global SchoolNet Foundation

This foundation works on combining education and technology to maximize the community along with benefitting the humanity further they are also providing membership. Bible promotes this as it says ‘An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge’ (Proverbs, 18). But their website does not provide much information about their activities how they are transforming children in the productive youth.

Intervention Center

They are having the intense focus on the intervention for students, including behavioral and academic interventions. This center provides teachers and schools with resources and helping struggling learners so that they can better in future. Families suffer a lot due to the slow and struggling learners, and if there are some intervention centers are working then apparently it is for the greater good. As bible say that man is the image of God (Genesis, 1) so helping others is above all. This site is no doubt quite informative.


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