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Autism Disorder and SLCN (Speech Language Communication Needs)

Autism is a spectrum disorder in which victims get some problems related to social skills, repetitive behavior, and non-verbal communication there are many types of autism disorder In this thesis, we are comparing a child with autism disorder whose name is James with a child who is medically fit and have no issue. James lives with his father and mother, and he has an autism disorder, and he can’t use the toilet so he uses a nappy while a normal child of his age can use the toilet easily.

James also has some other problems as he gets more frustrated early than a normal person James cannot talk properly like a normal person can do, he is more sensitive than any other normal person, and his general knowledge is too short for a normal child of the same age he might be any autism. It is possible that he has some confidence problem which makes him slower in every task he does and it’s also possible that he is perfect, but he can’t understand and learn language in proper way as the other child, and this becomes a problem, or he can’t focus on other things and that is the reason he can’t respond perfectly as the other childs do as there are many types of autism which can make a language and communication barrier and make hindrance while talking of child having autism because if a child has less confidence and no can work on this then it increases with time, and this disease become more worst than before, and its effect on the whole personality of child but the most important things is identification of problem which should be identified otherwise, child never become a useful citizen for country and it’s not good for country progress when it’s citizens are expressive and this child are totally not much useful as other childs because this thing effects on all of their personality not only  act as language barrier because communication is most important things which attach you with whole world and child you get any problem with communication and don’t elaborate what he wants to say, and this thing is not healthy for its surroundings and people associated with them. Self-injurious behavior has been studied extensively in children with mental retardation, but less research has been conducted on children with autism (Oswald, Ellis, Singh, Singh, & Matson, 1994). McClintock, Hall, and Oliver (2003) Some children with autism may have inadequate nutrition due to their limited diets (Raiten & Massaro, 1986; Williams et al., 2000).

This is also a problem some children get this problem because of the negligence of their guardians who are not taking care of them properly in the way in which they have to, and this is the reason for spreading this disease it’s not only about the food. Confidence is also the first e build by family in their Childs and family should have to work on their Childs to increase their confidence and make them able to elaborate and express their feelings and communicate in proper way child who speaks well will also take part effectively in social development which is fruitful for the whole society and country and those child which are suffering from this autism can’t speak well and don’t take any part in the activities who support social development and it is said by many doctors and specialist that good health and proper diet is very important in effective communication and to deal with SLCN so it’s obvious that first thing is mother or family who can deal with this problem because when child don’t get attention and basic confidence from family he get lack of confidence and other disorder which can act as a language barrier in communication and there are many types of disorder which can occur with a child having autism and there could be many reasons for this disease in child might be he has lack of confidence, and this is the reason for this disease, and it’s also possible that he has some food problem and don’t get proper nutrition which it’s body need to grow . It is obvious that a child can learn language from it’s surrounding and if his parents don’t give him proper time it will take more time in language development as compared to a normal child who can do this process in a short time and start speaking in a good language which is a good thing and effective and beneficial for society and he can support society in a better way as compared to another child who can’t speak in a proper way as it is calculated that 7 per cent of child are suffering from this disease so it can’t be ignored because it’s a large number of child and it they are ignored at this time this will not good for society in future as they will not do effective communication in future and don’t beneficial for society and it will effect on the progress of the country as a country depends upon the youngsters and this child having a problem with communication can’t do anything in a proper way as they have problem with communication which is the most important thing in every field of work.

There are many places where schools don’t exist, and parents are only responsible for language development and all those factors that can affect communication like confidence, proper diet, and all the useful techniques for learning. Parents and surroundings are responsible for doing for their children and these children having issues can’t take part in any activities properly and are not able to support society in any way this disease can hinder a child’s learning process in addition to language and child start to lose focus and confidence as compared to an ordinary child having no problem from any aspects and this thing is not good for this child family and even for society because when a child doesn’t focus when someone is teaching something or even when he has some problem with the language he can’t learn anything in a proper way and this disease can affect his learning process and in the same way, it’s the effect on confidence and he can’t elaborate his feelings and what he wants to say to other, and this makes the child less beneficial for anyone associated with the child as compared to another child who can elaborate whatever he wants to say and have good focus and good learning skills

Normal Language Development:

Language learning is a natural process which a child can learn from it’s surrounding and start learning and with passage of time he get to know that how to speak  and convey his message to other mostly child learn his mother language as he pass most of his time with her mom so he get her language and speak in her accent this is the normal language development cycle in which a person speak in that way as his surrounding speak and he acquire the same accent but when someone is having Autism disorder then the situation is different and this is special case and this child will not learn in same way as normal as autism disorder is of different type it is possible that he will learn but cannot speak in proper way as a normal child can speak when a child is having Autism then he get any type of disorder and it is possible that It effect on the general cycle of normal language development as a large amount of child’s are having this issue so some country have work on this point to get their children’s out of it by arranging workshop to identify the main point of this issue and get the children’s out of it because those child having problem with confidence can be rid out of it easily increasing confidence by taking part in many activities which can increase the confidence and this can make their communication better and focus problem is also get removed by many ways and there are many activities which can do better this problem of child. Some countries make communication-friendly schools to make children more confident and to get this barrier away from them. This type of thing is a better thing than anything to remove this disease away from children because in every country many children are having this disease. It is observed that the primary 9 percent child is having this disease which is the worst thing.

SLCN (Speech Language Communication Needs):

Sometimes some children get problems with communication they don’t have any medical issues, but a communication barrier exists there, and due to this they can’t use speech and communication properly in proper way they must and it’s not a disease that can’t be handle by a doctor this might be a fear which can make them uncomfortable while talking but this is not directly related to Autism which is a disease and cannot be a language barrier and not related to language only it can effect on nearly all nature, and general reaction of a person become the change and he gets temper early than a normal person and always remain in frustration which can make him weak and slow than a normal person and even SLCN has various types and the people having this behavior are not having the same problem in every place where they get in touch with this problem. In children with mental retardation, aggression is related to gender, age, and expressive communication (Ando & Yoshimura, 1978; McClintock et al., 2003) Child having this problem must have some factor and those were the reason that the child is suffering from this language barrier and it can be minimized by identify the issue and do some strategy to get the child away from this problem. The child may have a problem with listening, but then it can be resolved by focusing on all the aspects that are the main reason for this problem and then resolving it. It can be related to social skills and the person has some social depression from it’s surroundings which is the reason for this communication barrier and some lack of confidence from society which hindrance his communication it mostly occurs in children because they mostly get jealous of other child and this makes lack of confidence in their personality. Sometimes, a child doesn’t focus on what others say, which becomes a communication barrier because someone is not a good listener and cannot respond properly, unlike a normal child with good focus. Focus is the main point of how you can understand what others are saying and then how you can respond to that person A good approach to language is also necessary for good communication if the child doesn’t understand properly what others are saying then the child can’t respond properly and learning strategies must be applied on that child having this SLCN and other problems related to communication to get them out from this problem in a proper way

There are numerous anecdotal reports of violence and aggression in people with autism spectrum disorders, particularly Asperser’s syndrome, but little systematic research concerning its frequency and character has been published (Kohn, Fahum, Ratzoni, & Apter, 1998; Mawson, Grounds,&Tantam,1985).

They should learn and use language-related strategies to get out of these problems related to SLCN. sometime issue is related to vocal bury which can become a communication barrier after because child cannot have proper words to explain what he is feeling and what he wants to elaborate it also become a barrier which make hindrance while his communication and it’s lie in SLCN and this type of things increase the lack of confidence in child which is also less than other typical child having no problem of any type it is also observed that this disease are mostly occur in the under develop countries in which there are shortage of schools and other workshop where Childs can learn this techniques and develop language because primary schools are mostly responsible for this to educate children and increase confidence at basic level which is very important in childhood and if a child get lack of shortage in this stage then it will never overcome after this which is not useful or beneficial for country and this is also observed that the Childs from under developing countries get things which are not good for this child’s and even for society. Some types of autism can exist in adults too mostly at the last stage of life, and it is also very difficult to overcome this, and this is also in huge numbers.90 percent of children who are identified with Autism have long-term difficulties that can’t be overcome and removed by any method (Peter  &James, 1978; McClintock et al., 2009), and they are not efficient in anything as compared to other children who are normal and good in everything. It is calculated that over one million children in the UK have some speech problem when a country like the UK is developing and provides all the facilities to the children which are needed to remove this language barrier from them and still one million children are unable to talk properly then what you think the undeveloped Asian countries which are many years behind from the developed country like the UK what is the condition exists here and how many Children are unable to talk properly as compared to a normal child having no problem.

SLCN Is mostly referred to as a hidden disability and only some aspects of SLCN are visible to others as compared to any other disease which is fully visible to others and can be diagnosed and removed easily by any medicine one more thing everyone should be polite to child fear inner side is also causing stammer and any problem in speech and communication and it is observed that local authorities mostly not interested to do something to overcome this issue because they see it as a local problem with very few numbers because mostly it is not visible directly to people so mostly local authorizes mostly in undeveloped countries don’t do anything to overcome this issue. There are some policies on this language barrier from big world organizations working on this issue. They make some policies for all the countries that are associated with these organizations, and they have to follow the rules of these organizations. SLCN is not a big disease that can’t be overcome but it should be identified in the early stages and someone should work to remove it from a child(Wilton, 2009). Hence, it’s easy to overcome this issue and remove this disease from this child if it is identified in the early stage when The child’s in early stage and his parents and other surroundings work on it and take the necessary steps to remove this but first the most important is to identify the real problem which is a language barrier and creating a problem because it is related to confidence then it can be easily overcome and if it’s related to diet it also not a big problem to overcome this issue but if it’s related to any serious disorder of autism then it’s a problem. However, it’s still not like a disease that can’t be handled. Primary schools should have a doctor and infrastructure to identify children having any kind of problem related to speech and communication and take the necessary steps to remove it from the stem(John,2010 ) it is obvious that this is the main responsibility of parents and primary school to overcome this issue if any child has some issue related to speech and communication and there must be some schools in every city which are related to only that Childs which have some issue related to a serious disorder of autism which can’t be easily recovered with any attention from teacher and parents towards the child and this schools have all apparatus and guidance that how can they deal with this child. The government should make some guidelines for schools to follow to make proper awareness and guidance to overcome this disease which is very harmful to children. Schools should organize some workshops for parents to guide and make them aware of this disease and how they can remove this from their child and make them more confident than before because it’s nearly impossible for the child to overcome this issue by himself. It’s too late for the child when he learns that he has some problems with speech and communication. It’s the responsibility of the government and parents to identify this problem and take necessary steps to remove this from the child and make him beneficial for his family and the whole country

Application of ICT(Information Communication Technology):

Effective communication is the stem of every field, and it’s a very important thing everywhere, it’s very important to make a child effective in communication, and understanding of language is very important in the workplace and a working person has no importance and won’t be useful to the company if it’s not good in communication whether it’s understanding or elaboration of communication it depends upon the many factors which should be considered for the language development as it is obvious that many things effect on communication and there are many barriers in this field which can make hindrance in communication and person having this problem cannot do effective communication with anyone he wants to do but the most important and effective use of Information Communication Technology is in the business organizations and in this process government also have to take part according to to need as this process is not applied to an individual. This is a general requirement for anyone to speak in a good way and the government has to take part in this job by making new universities and making the older ones do this job.


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