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Art is Everywhere

I am an art student… and for me “art is everywhere”, from sky to earth, from left to right, from media posters to wall graffiti. Art is a form of expression, unexplainable words, feelings, emotions. Art is the source to express what we feel. It’s part of life as long as humanity exists because arts is an abstract concept and every individual has some abstract imaginations. Arts is something that inspires others, helps us to move from one reality to another. History shows us that art was one of the sources for people of caves to communicate, by picture different images on walls of caves. Some meticulous arts pieces are present in different areas of the world, like Egypt, Aztecs etc. their pyramids, jewellery, paintings all are the live depiction of ancient and antique arts. According to one of my art class fellow “arts is therapy”, arts is relaxation technique for her, many things she cannot express verbally can be expressed through painting or dancing. Arts is now very vast topic and it covers every aspect of life, from emotions till profession selection. Many religious practices, like yoga, is a religious exercise but in many another aspect its art, its art to style yourself physically fit. Few days before I visited an art gallery, the gallery was full of such glorious and magnificent piece of arts that I cannot even rate which one is best. Each and every canvas depicts something very unique, a single black dot on the white canvas, makes me feel that I am complete, its vague and abstract description but this is what we call art, because “picture is a poem without words”.

Art cannot be defined through words



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