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Art Concepts as Displayed in Female Nudity


Among the most influential artists in Canada is jack chambers that used a unique style in his works of art. His most unique style was perceptual realism which permeates most of his works. Style notably influenced to great extent his works as jack chambers no 3 which this paper will focus on to show the artist’s creativity. It is, therefore, the purpose of this paper to show how female nudity displays the concepts of gender and objectification in line with fetishism and class by the artist. The artist uses color and light in a unique way to capture a sense of reality in the observer of this artwork as this paper will show.

In this type of art Chambers portrays his painting by using surrealism in the piece jack chambers nude of the most important aspects is the use of color .he uses a black and white color that brings out the painting of the white nude female to capture the mind of the observer vividly and in profound contrast with her black thick long hair. The sharp contrast between the colors makes the painting both impressive and appealing. This effect would not have been as profound had the artist used blond or white hair in the portrait. Her dark hair in her reflection in the mirror brings out her nudity to sharp contrast making her body seem even more exposed and sensual. Just as described by Mollica, color is natural and brings about beauty in an appealing basic way(Mollica,2013). The White color brings out the fact that her skin is flawless, and sensual in contrast to the rough walls around her. The artist has managed to use color in a way that brings about an erotic aura in the painting as you look at the dark point of her nipples reflected in the mirror as she admires herself. In this case, her body portrays the female gender in an appealing sense through clever use of the black and white color, especially to voyeurism in male observers. The clarity of the light in the artwork shows that the artist uses a bright light on her body to bring it to sharp focus and invite for examination without inhibition. He is able to portray the other gender as appealing and even possible of giving pleasure to the eye of the other gender in a voyeuristic way. The furniture in the room does not stand out in the background as much as the reflection in the mirror where the artist sheds a lot of light in the mirror itself making the reflection brilliant to the point where an observer can see the pleased expression on her face as she admires her body. As Dinhofer explains the quick tension of black and white, as well as the perception of vision, should be cleverly employed by the artist to bring about clarity and contrast to artistic skill(Din Hoffer, 2017) Not only does the photo bring about gender dynamics but also bring about the aspect of class into play. The fact that in the room there is a wardrobe and a dressing table and the luxury of just watching herself in the mirror suggests she is a high-class woman in her times. The flawless body introduces the audience to her good life and probably rich background. This can be depicted on her face that is smooth and well-taken care of without worry lines or furrows indicating a frown hence worry but the radiant beauty that is captivating and engaging at the same time. The image as used by the artist depicts the social standing of this woman in society.

In the use of the line and dot concepts in lithography, the artist has used this technique in a brilliant manner. As explained in lithography the use of the dot and line is unlimited and the artist is allowed to be creative (sare, 2016). The curved lines on her hair make it be perceived as both long and soft to the touch. The repetitive use of lines on her hair makes it be deep and thick adorning the woman with exceptional beauty as her hair contrasts with her smooth fine features in the mirror. Lines are also used to bring about the presence of the furniture in the room and give the room clear boundaries and introduce a sense of texture in focus. For example, the walls are smooth and the furniture has a nice finish to it but is not as smooth as the woman’s skin. The image in the mind of the observer is clear that this is a modern woman in the way she is presented by the artist. Drawing a nude of a female requires great skill and genius as has been portrayed by the artist(Cirvardi and Buvarravoe,2017). The photo is brought to life and becomes a real image unforgettable image gets etched in the mind of the audience and makes it real.

The artist uses the concept of space and mass in a creative way. Here a good shading technique brings to focus the sense of mass and volume. The nude figure is portrayed to have huge bums on a slim figure enabling the artist to create mass and volume. The first thing an observer notices is the huge shapely bums that are quite erotic and underscores the femininity in the photo. The size of her breasts together with her small firm breasts contrast shows a kind of feminine beauty to be celebrated by the audience, especially of the other gender. Again the sense of objectification is brought out and art collectors who like nudes would definitely be enthralled by this piece. Male voyeurism would, therefore, be at the forefront in this photo as explained by Huntsman and the association of art historians of Great Britain, (2015) the collectors both male and female will be captivated by the feminine sensuality that is emphasized by her big bum in comparison to a small waist. Again the volume of her head due to the thick long hair and the slender neck emphasizes femininity and is hence very appealing to the other gender. The reflection in the mirror shows us the size of her body in relation to what we see on her back. The mirror image shows a slim body with a small breast while the photo itself shows her back and behind emphasizing how clever the artist has been able to use space and mass in bringing out feminine wiles to the forefront in this photo. This aspect makes the piece of art to be worthy of collecting and appreciation to art lovers. The photo attracts scrutiny and honest admiration retaining its purity and cannot be said to be pornographic at all. The message is that of a healthy young female admiring her natural given beauty in an unhurried and leisurely manner. (Nicholas, 2015) explains how femininity is brought out in art making it a theme for the modern woman hence appealing to the audience. In a patriarchal system, the woman would be portrayed as an object of voyeuristic pleasure and this fact cannot be ignored.

The importance of the use of scale in this piece of work cannot be overemphasized as the photo of the woman’s back fills the greater part of this piece of art. The image is sharp and the artist does not represent the feet and lower legs of the woman but pays close attention to her upper back to portray the adequate size of the features he has to emphasize. One remarkable feature of this nude is the bums that are huge in comparison to the rest of the body. Also, the size of her hair is portrayed as long which brings into clear focus the shape of the woman’s face in the mirror image as oval and beautiful by using the two different sizes the photo and its reflection. The size of the image ensures that the necessary details such as how smooth her body is and the texture of her hair can be easily brought to the forefront for the audience to see and appreciate. Feminism is therefore well captured and the fact that she is standing to face away invites the observer to look at the piece without inhibition as if invited to enjoy the beauty portrayed. Due to the size and the composition of the artwork the youth and vigor together with the sexuality therein are easily discerned from the photo due to its scale (Bouleau and Villon 2014) it is therefore a welcoming piece even inviting to be possessed as it is full of cultural and social meaning as intended by the artist. This piece is not only modern but also international as it portrays the female nude the way it would appear anywhere in the world in a particular class and social standing in that particular community. It represents a female that is self-aware and acknowledges the natural endowment given by nature. This photo clearly calls for attention and raises a certain hunger that is akin to human nature and has to be satisfied immediately. It is at this point that the point of gender dynamics is presented by the artist’s clear and concise perception of the female nude.


This visual analysis has strongly depicted the female nude in the artist to be erogenous in nature and at the same time sensual. It is very appealing to the other gender and also brings about the sense of objects and modernity in a gentle and provocative manner. The artist has used various artistic themes and techniques to capture the almost innocent beauty that would stop anyone to admire the artistic work. Though it may be viewed as idealizing the body of a woman the physical detail which is presented creates a spatial convergence and becomes the symbol of the modern woman that can be used even today in the advertising world. It’s therefore imperative to note that female nudity is portrayed as one that should be celebrated and be used to allure and used in the commercial endeavors that may be deemed fit.


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