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Argument Against the School Parking Policies


The rules, policies, and regulations are supposed to be implemented to maintain discipline in any area. Due to the outnumbered use of personal transport all over The United States, car parking is one of the main issues in commercial areas, including universities, parks, and markets. The Mary-Hardin Baylor University’s parking policies are considered in this paper, and they are discussed as the most irrelevant, which have no benefit to anyone but are time-consuming for implementation teams as well as the owners of the cars. The policies are stricken because of the worst incidents that happened in the parking areas. The paper includes a vast research on the parking issues, the purpose of making the laws, and the supporting discussion, which is responsible for strengthening the argument. My point of view is against the policies of parking in the academic areas because of the difficulties faced by officials in regulating everyone’s daily activities. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the school parking policy and the ticket issues that are very irrelevant to the discipline.


The management development of different cities is trying their best to implement the best techniques for the proper management of parking. The policies made were initially for the proper use of the parking space allocated. For violations, a ticket system was introduced, in which the violators of the rules had to pay a penalty for their actions against the policies. The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor has developed an advanced system of ticketing and has posted the rules and regulations of the parking policies on its website. The enforcement of the policies is under the UMHB police department, which is responsible for traffic regulation inside and outside the university around the clock. The ticketing system is automated, and without any personal interruption, the system generates the bill for the student, which is supposed to be paid before the next session starts. The advancement of the system could not be challenged as it is highly supportive and works accurately according to the functions programmed in it.

The authorities have explained several reasons for the implementation of the ticket system. There is no such problem directly with the ticket system, but the fines are extremely high compared to the income of a student. The fines and ticketing system is beneficial for society, but on the other hand, it also disturbs the people who are fined because of some very tiny misunderstandings and difficulties in maintaining punctuality. There are some annoying mistakes made by the drivers which must be punished, but since the ticketing system doesn’t help the exceptions. A survey was conducted in which the drivers at the parking exit were asked to tell about their experience with ticketing and how it is beneficial or difficult for them. There are many drivers who responded that the car parking rules are highly confusing and take a lot of time to follow. 64% of the drivers always appealed for the ticket so that they would be able to get rid of it as soon as possible. 34% of the drivers explained that the ticketing system currently implements very high penalties for any kind of disobeying. The most commonly seen is the usage of more than one parking space for a single car, blocking access to the other car, or parking on the distinguishing white line.

According to a doctoral student, he once used the parking lot, which was limited to 15 minutes, but he was almost 70-80 seconds late because of his final year’s report’s payment to the cashier. As he reached back, a 38$ bill was waiting as a penalty for him, which was highly offensive and a problematic situation. If the fine would be a dollar per minute or something like that, it could be more appropriate, but just a half minute late makes 30 plus dollars fine. It is not understandable. Almost 30% of the drivers normally face such situations inside the university campus and are unable to question because they are a couple of minutes late to remove their vehicle from the parking area. The students complained about many policies of the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor parking policies, such as why the vehicle’s rear must face the aisle even if the car is parked properly and according to all the explained rules and regulations. Reaching the class is highly important on time, but parking the car at a busy time requires more attention, skills, and time.

Sometimes, because of others’ mistaken parking, the cars beside it are also supposed to park according to it. A citation could be made for the car that was affected by the wrong parked vehicle. The parking suspension is highly illegal because some citations are not appropriate, and the drivers are unable to park appropriately because of terribly parked vehicles and because parking grounds are completely occupied. Because of sickness, some students are not able to walk longer to the building in difficult weather, so they need to be closer to the building area for parking, which mostly causes them to be caught for the ticket. This kind of thing is not considered mostly by the authorities and the related departments, and the students have to pay the fine as well, and their vehicles are considered for suspension. Since the student gets only one decal for their vehicle and because of mismanagement or lack of experience, they mistakenly place it on the wrong side or not in an appropriate way, which also results in getting a ticket.

The policies are highly irrelevant in many ways. Through good teaching and regulation of the rules, the students would not be willing to do any offense. The policies are good and complete but highly against the students. The ticketing is sometimes highly irrelevant and causes problems for the students. These policy violations do not cause anyone harm. It is requested that the violation be fined only when the violation has caused problems for anyone. Sometimes, on Sundays and in the least busy time, if the car is parked beside the pavement for just a conversation, it also calls for a ticket, which is highly unacceptable. Parking is parking; it is not understandable why the faculty and dean’s parking are reserved and the student’s parking separately. The faculty can park in the students’ areas, but the students can’t. This is highly problematic.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the parking policies should be reconsidered or eliminated completely so the students would be able to concentrate more on their studies and be less concerned about their cars. The vanishing of the parking policies would also be helpful because the person who owns a car knows the benefits of the correct parking as well as the harms of the wrong parked vehicles. The rate at which it is reduced is very high, so you are requested to resist letting it be canceled on the basis of the reason. No countries have such hard policies as compared to the United States.

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