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Another Passage to India by Sarah Shades


From the given readings, the contrasting lives of two individuals are vert much apparent and interestingly narrated – the life and fortune of George Washington, and the adventurous yet challenging life of Sarah Shades. While there is no association between these two individuals, they can be compared and contrasted for their lifestyles, life achievements and social ideologies.

Sarah Shades

In “Another Passage to India”, Sarah Shades is described as a young girl who does not know how to write. However, because of her sharp memory and exposure to the real world, she became capable of speaking more than seven languages at a time and observe things more keenly. Making use of this skill and talent, Sarah Shades narrated the life and economy of India for the American readers and researchers. However, the interpretation and ideas regarding India are sharply influenced by only her memory which may have exaggerated or degraded the Indian legacy as compare to the written and documented experiences.

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Still, it can be stated that one of the strongest aspects for her personality is that she knows how to turn opportunities in her favor and make the most out of the experiences. Similar is the case with George Washington. He knew how to capture opportunities and make a fortune out of them. This is one of the main reasons that George Washington is considered the richest American President.

George Washington

Washington knew how to strategically utilize his resources for his personal as well as political gains.

Personal Gains

The greater part of this riches can be followed to Washington’s prosperity as a land theorist, a venture that became out of his initial vocation as land surveyor. Added to that was his firsthand experience of the wilderness nation past the Allegheny Mountains picked up amid the French and Indian War. The region’s potential, deliberately and economically, established a long term connection on the youthful officer and was the key that opened the way to money related opportunity.

Washington’s first land buy was of right around thousand wild sections of land on Bullskin Creek in Frederick County, Virginia, in 1752, when he was simply out of his teenagers. That year, after the demise of his relative Lawrence, he acquired an enthusiasm for the Mount Vernon family area. He manufactured the home to in excess of seven thousand sections of land with a workforce of 316 slaves, more than fifteen had a place with the domain of Daniel Park Custis, and forty he leased from a neighbor. For whatever is left of his life he added to his land possessions, especially along the western wilderness he knew from his soldiering days.

Alongside his capacity to fashion connections, Washington’s decision of vocation moved him to money related enormity. Turning into a surveyor was in all likelihood an aftereffect of Lawrence Washington’s direction. Their father passed on when George was eleven, and in contrast to his senior siblings, who had been sent to class in England, the kid needed to manage with a simple tutoring, maybe with private guides, that secured minimal more than the three Rs.

Political Gains

Washington had experienced the effects of rising obligations constrained on American pioneers by the British and came to assume that it was to the best preferred standpoint of the travellers to announce independence from England by the end of 18th century. Washington participated in the First Continental Congress that was held in 1774 in Philadelphia. At the point when the Second Continental Congress, the American Revolution had begun definitively, and Washington was now leading the Continental Army.

Washington was a great military as well as political strategist. His quality lay not in his virtuoso on the war zone but instead in his ability to keep the doing combating pioneer outfitted power together. His troops were ineffectually arranged and required sustenance, ammunition and diverse supplies. In any case, Washington could give them the bearing and motivation to continue onward.

Through the traverse of the tedious Seven Years War in which the common forces won couple of battles yet consistently held fast against the British. It was in 1781 that the Continental forces could get British troops in Virginia. This movement reasonably completed the Revolutionary War and Washington was declared a national holy person.

Furthermore, after two terms as president and declining to serve a third term, Washington finally surrendered. In his farewell address, he urged the new nation to keep up the most significant models locally and to keep incorporation with outside powers to a base. The address is still scrutinized every year within the American Senate in memory of Washington.


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