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Annotated Bibliography Of American Revolution

Bailyn, Bernard. The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. Harvard University Press, 2017.

Bernard Bailyn published his book, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, in April 2017. The book clearly drafts the philosophy and the causes behind the American Revolution. It focuses on the nationwide debate about the Constitution and how it was created. It sheds light upon the struggle of the founding fathers of the national government and how they constructed and implemented their ideas to the mass public of American colonists.

The initial purpose of the author was to collect pamphlets from the Revolution era, but as soon as he saw connections among them, he began to generate common thoughts and the process of American ideology. Bailyn not only talks about the basic historical events but also the roots of the issues and how every thought was cultivated, which led to the intelligent formation of the Revolutionary War and the unity of the American colonists.

“Revolutionary War – American Revolution.” HISTORY.Com,

The staff of first published their article on the Revolutionary War in 2009. The article is a brief summary of the story and events that took place during the Revolutionary War in America. The authors cleverly highlighted the ideology of the American Revolution and how the army of colonists was formed. It provides an insight into every situation that took place during the revolution and the events that led to the American ideology.

Using videos and films to give the reader a direct knowledge of the situations in which the American Revolution took place. The authors have made successful efforts to summarize the whole concept of the American Revolution in a few pages, emphasizing the significant events and people involved in the war. There is a clear explanation of the Sugar Act and Stamp Act, which alarmed the colonists initially, and then the article towards the wars that took place and how Americans were successful in gaining independence.



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