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The company has a strong foundation. It has more than 70% of the listed companies, lower growth, profitability, debt and transparency.

In short-term terms, the company has interesting funds.


The company keeps its profitability, ensuring a high profit. The company has a strong financial position, thinking of the net monetary center and the margin. Capital itself is one of the most attractive in the market in terms of growth in multiple values. This company will be very interested in obtaining a high dividend rate for investors. Growth in sales forecasts reviews reflects new hope among analysts in all areas. During the past year, analysts regularly monitored sales forecasts for the company. Earnings per share in the past week are evaluated higher reviews. According to the latest estimate, analysts offer a positive stock survey

In the past twelve months, the EPS score was reviewed. Analysts that covered the stock for last year reviewed the EPS expectations expected. The shares are reliable and long-term at the level of technical support at 1292.5 GBP level.


The mediation is close to long-term resistance with weekly data. For this reason, the capacity should be limited. However, the increased negligence is a positive signal when it goes through this resistance. The reserves are now in contact with mid-term resistance and should be raised to maintain the uptrend. According to Thomson-Reuters, it is anticipated that the estimated future income will be very low in future financial years. The analysts do not expect reserves to be inconsistent. Forecasts of such dispersed sales confirm that the activity of the group is weak. Usually, the group sells income worse than it was considered.



Group operations are very beneficial for their effective profitability. Analysts who participate in this company often offer advice on overweight or buying stocks. During the weekly timetables, the reserves that are above the level of support have a technical configuration at 192.9 GBP


The reserves are close to the daily resistance of 217 pounds, which must be maintained in order to achieve the potential of new valuation. A group with low rates of growth does not apply to those with the highest income growth capacity. Forecasts for sales for the next fiscal year change from one analyst to another. This clearly sets out the lack of visibility of the company’s operations in the future. Usually, the earnings of the company do not meet expectations.

The company does not pay dividends to shareholders. For this reason, it is not a company.

Over the last four months, the sales forecast for the years to come down was reviewed. The Group has not yet improved its operations. Over the past twelve months, the trend towards sales reductions has been sharply reduced, highlighting the low expectations of analysts. Over the last seven days, EPS’ expected analysts have reduced to the company. In the last four months, EPS estimates made by Thomson-Reuters analysts were reviewed down.In the past year, analysts review their earnings forecasts.



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