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Analyzing and Evaluating the Techniques Used in World War II Propaganda

Propaganda usually considers the dissemination of information, and multiple ideas, even under the blanket of rumors among the general public, for a significant purpose. The same domain was practiced among the masses with a comprehensive collection of transporters during World War II. Such transporters consisted of multiple aspects, including radio, TV, leaflets, play cards and especially posters. These posters attracted the particular attention of the common masses as they have fascinating and colorful shades resembling ongoing circumstances. This essay will explore multiple agenda techniques used in World War II like artistic war concerns, the hope of victory for the masses, national political status, brainwashing social units, sympathy for fighting soldiers, and the invitation to be a part of the war, etc.

In this concern, various posters can be manifested as core examples of propagating war notions among the general public. For example, one poser gives the notion of determination to fight the war in alliance with sympathy and respect for fighting soldiers who are preparing their military vehicles. Another type of poster may be classified as a victory poster win in which the air defense is manifested with a considerable number of fighter planes. In addition, the same poster also invites the masses to participate as soldiers. Similarly, another poster poses the socio-economic aspects of fulfilling the needs of war. In such posters, women are encouraged and persuaded to join factories, industrial units, and working places to build and streamline the country’s economic needs in the hour of war. Further, a poster invites responsibility drive among the masses with the notion of serving the nation in all possible grounds and departments. In addition, various symbols to pour awareness about war circumstances were part of these posters, which usually represent cause-and-effect situations.

In a nutshell, it can be inferred that poster propaganda techniques proved fruitful in the vicinity of war to move forward towards patience, courage, victory, and progress in future.



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