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Analysis of The Story of The Good Little Boy and the Story of an Hour

There are many things that people try in their quest to better their lives. At times the experiments of new stuff we try might work for us or turn against our will. The story of the Good Little Boy by Mark Twain is a clear example of how we try out things and how we eventually end up with unexpected results.

The little boy is depicted to be very obedient and respectful to his parents. Parents are why we exist in this world, many times when young men follow orders from their parents. The little boy was not an exemption either; the young man followed commands from his parents no matter how inconvenient they were to him.

The young little boy is portrayed to be right in learning the Sunday school books. The boy is yearning for something that she is very ambitious to achieve, no matter how difficult the course may take. We all have ambitions in our life, and we even go far to make sacrifices for us to accomplish what we dream to be in the future.

The young boy makes a lot of sacrifices to attain his course to appear in the Sunday school books.  Mark Twain satirizes the story of the little man to show that it is not necessary that our hard work will always bear fruits. The young boy considered reading Sunday school books and was opposed to playing marbles. The dream of every young man is to make a difference in the society where he resides or emanates from.

No matter how well you apply philosophical theories of life, it is not apparent that they are going to work your way, as you may perceive. It is ironic how the little young man tries to apply what he learns in the books, and to his disappointment, they all turn against him. We all have role models, either from publications or from the real world, whom we would aspire to be like.

The little young man was determined to achieve and be like the young boys in the Sunday school books. We should always understand that for us to realize what others have accomplished in their lives, we have to be keen on how they arrived there. The realization of dreams or ambitions of young people has to be directed by senior people who should guide young people to achieve their goals.

Many are a time when we do good to people, but the virtue we do turns against us. He tries to rectify the mistakes of other young boys in society to turn them into the right people in the community. In a particular instance, he tries to correct Jim, whom he found stealing apples, and the tremendous young boy gives Jim a story of a boy who broke his arm while taking apples. The boy is, however, embarrassed by this story as it works against him, as he ends up breaking his arm.

Many times we try all means to define the kind of life that we aspire to live. We strive as much as possible to attain this course despite the hardships we may face along the way. Many American young dreams have been brought to an abrupt end due to failure to overcome the challenges faced in the achievement of goals.

This fate reveals that the efforts of the young boy reveal how good people perform roles while expecting good things in return. The dream to be a better person, there are always things or conditions that do not favor this route.

There is not a single person who can always be perfect. The protagonist in the story goes further to make himself appear reasonable to people by assisting a blind man who had been misled by young bad boys. This is a good effort as he perceives but in return, the blind man issues a warning to the young boy, yet the boy expects to be complimented for his acts of goodness.

The story by Mark Twain is a typical example that brings people who perceive good things to be always meant to reasonable people that this is not obvious. The honesty of the protagonist in the story reveals that the right people also have failures in their lives. Therefore, young people should not be discouraged in the course of achieving their dreams. Challenges are bound to occur in our efforts to make our ambitions.

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is another typical example of how people can attain their independence. In the tale, Louise is sad when she learns about the demise of her loving husband. She reacts to this tragic news by resigning to stay alone after she realizes due to this death, now she has to do all the duties on her own.

It is only after weeping that Louise realizes despite that her husband is dead, this might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. She develops the feeling that after this death, she has to be happy to be an independent woman. She now has freedom as many people would want to be free without anything that may be interfering with her life.

It is ironic that Louise manages to celebrate the death of her husband, yet she knows that she will cry during his burial. The Writer depicts that marriages can be a form of slavery or denial of freedom to women. This perhaps alludes to why Louis feels happy after the death of Her husband despite the fact that she loved her so much.

Marriages are portrayed as a lack of happiness. It is evident that Louise lacked independence in her marriage which is the main reason that she embraces the death of Brently. It is equally valid to conclude that unions are deemed as a source of oppression to men and women. Louise only appears to be crying during the funeral, but after that, she becomes happy and moves on with life.

The two stories depict irony in what people in the real world expect. In the story of the little young boy, we anticipate him to receive good things from his right actions. However, this turns out to be different, as all things seem to be working against the little boy. It is important to note that it is not always that our good efforts will draw good tidings on our way. This does not necessarily imply that we should cease doing good, but we should be ready to receive whatever comes our way.

In the story of an hour, the protagonist in the story appears to be happy after the death of her husband. In the real world, we would, however, be expecting the woman to be dejected and even end up in depression due to this death. It is the authors who will reveal to the audience there can be good that can come from our sad occurrences in life. The woman feels relieved after this death and now has more freedom as opposed to when she was deeply rooted in marriage. There can be a blessing in disguise.


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