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Anabaptist Religion Rules

Amish people emerged from the Anabaptists in 16th-century Europe. Anabaptism is a religion that emerged during the Reformation. Prior to this date, Europe had only one compound. This was due to government and political problems. The Reform was there; people took different positions with the reformers, engaged in Martin Luther, and changed the structure and teaching of the church. The name “Amish” was born from this society, Yakov Amman, which transformed into the preservation of old Mennonites. The Amish culture is defined and guided by the rules of the Order, which form the basis of their beliefs, although the collection from the public is different. The rules define all aspects of Amish human life, including family life, clothing regimen, and farming practices. Religion is one of the crucial elements of the life of the Amish.

On the other hand, the United States lives in the United States of America. People from different countries live in this country. For this reason, American people represent the nationality of their place of residence without having a moral factor. All Americans are very immigrants outside the indigenous American population. The American culture is mainstreamed into the culture of most of the American people, regardless of their complex composition. This culture is mainly related to the traditions of Western Europe’s immigrants, the impact of the American cultural influence, and its proximity to the Mexican culture. A mix of cultures or cultural ideas will ensure how their unique and diverse cultural qualities change on America’s knees. The world is dominated by American culture, although it is a migrant country that leaves a mix of cultures around the world (Olsen & Skogrand, 2009).

Interaction Between Culture And Religion

As for religion and culture, both industries due to religion have a strong influence on the cultural past. Religion can not be expressed in a better way than in a specific cultural background. Amish has a religion based on Ordnung. The most important aspect of their lives is why they prefer to live apart from the cultures and their old traditions. These ten beliefs and opinions have not changed dramatically. The American people believe that the Amish country is because they do not believe in themselves as a car and electricity are their homes; They travel by horse, and they do not enjoy the right to vote. This shows how they prefer to live their daily lives.

The training was completed in the Amish community for eight years. It’s not like the usual American way of learning; age or employment year, as a rule, is not included. They believe that more than eight years of students are forbidden for excellence in this community. An American way that you first learned requires how to learn before you get trust in your business. When Amish children reach adolescence, it is advisable to try travelling to teach them about the world. This is different from the American style when it is common among young people that there are more disciplined seminars and social norms. Amishskaya spends a long-sleeved long-sleeved woman or girl, always covered with jackets and jackets without patterns and ornaments, as dictated by the rules of the Order. They do not cut hair, but often a prayer, with a black doughnut behind them. Women wear their heads, white heads and blackheads. His men wear black suits, shoes and socks, yarn with straight-cut jackets, and broad pants without autumn belts. When they marry, their beard grows, and there are no needles, wearing only a moustache. They believe that their unique style of modest dressing and separation from the world adds to and transmits their beliefs. In contrast, in the American culture, women tend to be more right for themselves, wearing appropriate clothing appropriately every day, regardless of what part of the country they originate. Men and coincidence wear men, i.e. jeans and T-shirts, but when it comes to official business, they are always a series, depending on the situation. Religion is secularised every Sunday, and religion in the American community plays an important role in socialization and the norm for a number of Christians to attend church, weddings, and funerals on the Sabbath.


Amish people are reluctant to take any kind of news, which they feel weakens the family unit. The Americans believe that it is impossible to live with the old morals, although there are innovations like cars, electricity, and space for change. Amish prefers to live without any gadgets, even when it’s ready. Therefore, they are different from external impacts and their beliefs are protected. Sometimes, when there are differences between some Amish warrants, the use of technology seems to be unfavourable; Modern commands, for example, allow people to use their phones and access their homepages.

Family Structures, Courting, Marriage, Funeral

The family in the Amish community is often widespread and often considered a social unit. Prohibition of divorce or birth control measures is very unusual, so it explains why they support large families very effectively. These families depend on agriculture to prevent industry. They stay together, and they share and support close people. Usually, Americans have a small nuclear family with two children, but others are more or less dependent on personal choices. Independence is shown in relatives living in their own homes away from others. Americans, such as promises, plans, and unspecified achievements, like those that are not shared. Judicial practice in the Amish community remembers American culture, as young people have the right to participate in a party or in a party. In the Amish community, young people have little intervention with small parent interventions, although a person who does not know their faith is not allowed to close their faith. However, in American culture, there is no concept of ethnicity. However, young people need to consider the principles of family and church to be Americans. After deciding to marry a couple, her marriage was announced a few weeks ago. Usually, the wedding ceremony is held in a church in November and December, as in the American culture. Amish people will not bury wood in three days; Men in maritime and female women are built at their marriage without praise, praise, or colours. This is different from the American style because there are no temporary days for funerals. Both cultures are more religious, but there are suggestions, flowers, and praise.

Gender And Family Role

Like the American style, there are men who are family leaders in the Amish community. While men are training young men, women train for Amish young girls. Women are not lonely but only their work, but they have been married to family affairs. Children earn money from their fathers to support their families. These children live near their parents. In addition, unlike the Americans, the Amish community considers the whole group in the case of men’s chairmanship. Modernization focuses on social sex in the modern world and is more difficult, especially for women.

Conflict, Cooperation, And Decision-Making

Concerning conflict, cooperation, and decision-making, unlike Americans, Amish people consider the Order, the hierarchy of religion, the authority of men, cooperation, and responsibility. They avoid slavery because they violate religious guidelines such as divorce. If a person contravenes the rules, he leaves mostly friends, family, and society. However, this decision was made following a number of ads.

Communication And Interaction

In the Amish community, communication is established for the first time throughout the family. Then, through the church, which communicates with people. On the contrary, Americans are right and represent direct and simple communication, supporting modern devices, such as the telephone. There are differences and similarities between American and Amish cultures. These differences differ in their origin, place of residence, family life, and religion. For example, the Amish have an eight-year education system but do not include age or working years in the mainstream of Americans. The family plays a major role in the Amish community because all decisions have been made, and Americans have direct and simple communication. The Amish people are more divided and separated from their traditions; scientists are modernized, especially because technology is very similar to both groups and because the cultural background has a significant impact. However, religious belief is different, and Amish is the most important religion, based on Ordering. Americans have different religious beliefs. Amish people are an example of the Gemeinschaft community because they succeed in exposing their own voices and values ​​without their exposure to technology.



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