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an invitation to the National Insurance Appraisers Association to conduct an upcoming seminar in the city of Tempe, Arizona


It is a proposal essay, which includes an invitation to the National Insurance Appraisers Association to conduct an upcoming seminar in the city of Tempe, Arizona. The Economic Development Council Executive Director for Tempe, Arizona writes the composition. The Executive Director believes that Tempe has the resources to provide the association and its members, making their event memorable. In this essay, details of the facilities will be presented to the association that will benefit it.


It has come to my knowledge that you plan to launch an event for your 500 members. On behalf of the City of Tempe I the Executive Director of the Economic Development Council for Tempe, Arizona, invite you to hold your upcoming seminar in our city. Our city can be ideal for your convention considering that we can provide the best facilities. I am sure your members will enjoy our services, and I hold you in high esteem for choosing Tempe, Arizona as a venue.

The City of Tempe has some hotels; ranging from five-star hotels to one-star hotels, we also have several motels. Some of our most expensive hotels include The Hilton and Marriot hotels. The prices for the hotel accommodation are quite reasonable you can choose a suitable hotel based on your member’s taste and the hotel’s proximity to your venue.

The City Council for Tempe has made efforts to upgrade the city’s transportation system and connect it with the rest of the country. Tempe has freeways that help in controlling the city’s traffic. Tempe also has metro bus and metro rail systems that provide economical transportation options. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport connects the city with the rest of the country.

About Tempe

Tempe, Arizona; previously known as Hayden’s Ferry, is located in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. It is in the East Valley section of metropolitan Phoenix. One of the city’s main attractions is the Arizona State University.

The city was initially named after Charles T. Hayden; who operated a ferry boat service in the area, as Hayden’s Ferry. When the white settlers initially captured the land, it served as Fort McDowell. Small towns were established around the Fort, to supply it with fresh food and other resources. With time, the region developed, and when an efficient irrigation system was laid, it became one whole suburb of Phoenix.

Tempe has been an essential place for Arizona economically. The area is home to one Fortune 500 company; Insight Enterprises, while several other notable companies are also headquartered here. Tempe is also home to the largest campus of Arizona State University. The city has shopping malls; like Arizona Mills, which is one of the city’s tourist attractions.

Tempe is a city with a vibrant culture. The city boasts of creating several music bands, such as the Gin Blossoms, Meat Puppets, Dead Hot Workshop, etc. Besides, the town hosts P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon, which is a significant attraction for tourists. Additionally, the numerous restaurants and nightclubs bring about various experiences for tourists that leave them enchanted and wanting to return to Tempe.

Tempe provides a lot of outdoor activities to the visitors. The Tempe Town Lake is a lake, accessible to the public. The lake offers both residents and tourists an attraction. Further, the public parks; like the South Mountain Park and Papago provide hiking, mountain and road biking and rock climbing facilities.

Keeping in view that Tempe is growing and has a large population; the local government has constructed some Freeways that provide non-stop traffic flow. Besides, the city has a metro bus and rail system serving Downtown Tempe. Plus, a free neighbourhood circulatory service; Orbit, also operates, that connects Arizona State University with the rest of the city. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport connects the city with the rest of the country, via air.

Plan Of Action

To achieve this project, you would require a venue, where you would conduct your seminar and connected activities. It can be done at one of the several hotels in Tempe. Attending a workshop at a hotel would allow you the added advantage of having all your members stay at the same hotel. Hence, there would be no problem related to ease of access. Most of the hotels are located close to the airport and thus, are approachable for everyone; even those who have not been to Tempe before.

Tempe provides several outdoor and cultural activities that your esteemed members can avail themselves of. We as hosts would provide pick and drop services, as well as guides who will help members of your association, and guide them about the city’s various facilities. The only thing we require from your respectable guests is that they keep some cash with them and keep their cell phones charged.


In the end, an event of such magnitude is precisely what Tempe needs. The people of Tempe are humble, polite and welcoming; they are always ready to welcome guests. Inviting the National Insurers Appraiser Association is an honour for the entire city.


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