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An Interview With Dr. Andronke Mohdi (CEO/Owner Of International Quality Homecare Cooperation)

I chose to interview Dr. Andronke Mohdi for this assignment. Dr. Mohdi, as people call her in the community, is the CEO/owner of International Quality Homecare Cooperation, a certified provider of health care services in southern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and southwestern Wisconsin and is a proprietary agency licensed by the state of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

The agency offers services to people with disabilities, chronic health conditions and the elderly. Their services are offered through insurance, skilled services, homecare waiver programs, alternative care, prepaid Medicaid program-managed care and/or private pay. What is unique about this agency are the efforts it puts into being culturally competent and its ability to serve all cultures. They provide caretakers and/or interpreters to ensure client’s satisfaction and expectations.

Dr Mohdi was born and raised in Nigeria. She moved to the United States when her first husband passed away. She said when she realized her life had changed and she was a young widow with her first child less than two years old, she had to do something; she pursued her education in Biophysics and got her PhD. After teaching for some time, she wanted to work for herself and opened her own healthcare agency with the help of her now husband, a pastor of the church here in Rochester. Alongside her PhD Dr, Mohdi also has an RN and MBA degree. I asked her why she decided to pursue those degrees, and she said she wanted to make sure she was well-equipped to run her business successfully.

The core value for Dr. Mohdi is her faith in God. She said without her faith in God and support from her husband, her business would exit. She said, “We live by faith in the power of God to strengthen and heal our spirit, soul and body in the pursuit of excellent service”. She said she relies on God for guidance and motivation. She joked, saying it’s not easy being a woman from Africa running a successful business in America. Dr. Mohdi said that she understands that sometimes managers and CEOs are pressured to make decisions that are contrary to whats ethical to somehow benefit the company…BUT this does not fly in her company, she has very low tolerance for people who do not have integrity and value in what they know is right or wrong.

She said she has an open-door policy with her staff, where she expects her staff to come and talk to her about any concerns or questions. Although she would rather have her managers handle certain issues, she welcomes all her staff to come in and talk to her. Her communication style is listening first and talking later, as she would describe it. When asked about strategic planning, Dr. Mohdi said she does that on a yearly basis with her managers and board members. That helps her track performance improvement and changes that need to take place. The following things she looks at on a weekly basis: budgeting/funding and staffing. She mentioned that one of her biggest challenges is finding well-qualified staff who will stay working for a very long time.

She said marketing is also something that she pays attention to. Her organization markets for staff and also for new clients. This is an ongoing process for them. Technology: the organization just went through a technology change by implementing a new EMR system. It took about six months to train and implement the whole system agency-wide. Her role was to ensure the managers were well trained to provide the training to the staff and that the implementation process was successful. She was also responsible for shopping for the technology with the help of her IT personnel.

I enjoyed interviewing Dr. Mohdi; she has lots of insights on healthcare and entrepreneurship women. It was interesting to see her view on healthcare from a for-profit side. I also enjoyed the tour of her facility and learning more about her past achievements.



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