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An Annoying Classmate

Part One.  Identifying and Framing the Problem:

Without friends, to make life worthwhile, life would not be as sweet. During my financial accounting class, a voice was whispering about an unbreakable bond and an unrivaled friendship. It has been going on all semester, and I predict it will continue for the remainder of campus life. I’m referring to my close friend and adversary Janice, who I adore but who also irritates me constantly with her chatty demeanor, constant whispering, and inactivity in our group. Janice speaks excessively. She can chat for hours on end, believe it or not. I didn’t spend the entire day with her, but I’m sure she speaks nonstop.

Janice will yell out for a funny question to explain when our course faculty are discussing a subject at a very in-depth level. It is unacceptable. Her annoying, irrelevant questions are much more annoying and make me get off the hook. It may be one of the strangest scenarios if someone is whispering with their buddies in your presence. When it happens, I imagine you’ll feel abandoned or ashamed. Janice, a friend of mine, frequently whispers to me or some other people. I feel uneasy when she whispers to me, and when she does it to other people, I think she is neglected or suspects she is having an odd conversation with that friend. The most irritating part is that she does it constantly while we are in our foundational subjects. I assume she has less common sense than the average person. She is the classmate I find most unpleasant because of her constant whispering. She is the most passive person in our group. Group work entails participation in the assigned project from every group member. She assumes that if I grant her a veto and he refuses to complete even the most minor portion of the project, I don’t want to include her in our group. When we require her to do some of our projects, she occasionally refuses to answer the phone, but when the deadline approaches, she does.

Part Two.  Reframing Your Perspective

One cannot go without running into friends since no man is an island. Like my buddy Janice, friends can sometimes irritate and temporarily make us crazy. Even though we have no control over their behaviors or the physical or verbal repercussions of their actions, we have authority over how they behave. Even though I get irritated most of the time by Janice with her weird behaviors, I still cherish her despite her weakness. Janice easily makes and gets along with new friends as she can make friends in all environments. Her chatty demeanor puts her in a position to talk to everyone, including strangers. Janice can never experience suffering in silence, unlike most silent people who typically keep quiet even while in misery. She keeps in touch with me constantly since she is in excruciating pain. She can have a cursory discussion. Thoughts can express their emotions without being reserved because they don’t hold anything back.

Her characteristics make her outgoing and opinionated because she feels at ease around crowds. She never feels awkward speaking in front of the public and can articulate her opinions clearly, which prevents her from being a hypocrite. Janice is not a reserved person. Therefore, it is quite simple to forecast what she wants and does not want. She also readily expresses her ideas, thoughts, and feelings. As a result, I can easily comprehend her and develop strategies to deal with her because she is such a good friend. You will easily know her exact goals and where she is taking you. She is simply too easy to understand.



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