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American Progress by John Gast

The initial creation of the painting occurred in 1872. During that instance, manifest destiny dominated key parts of the United States. The title alone is a reflection and relate to the aspect of development as well as civilization experienced in the region. The main subject is the possibility which brings light to the west. Moreover, it acted as a symbolization on matters related to key stakeholders of the western culture. Even though the painting is widely recognized, it contrasts the existence of most individuals beneath. There exist a given group of people existing behind the goodness. Most of them are dressed in white and tend to make their way along the road. There is also the group of people ahead. Most of them need development and are on the forefront in the implementation of key aspects. These individuals have a spear, and their dress code is not just according to the artist. They also tend to run along the horses. The approach is much significance since it enlightens on the needs of the populations.

The development of the East is such a crucial move, and every image that tends to hint civilization in the area is of much importance and should be embraced in most instances. Some elements were part of the journey. Among them includes the various telephone poles, railroads, well-built house, as well as ships. Ideally, the element was useful and mostly acted as a symbol related to the various stages that existed in the transport industry. The level of revolution also implies a greater sense of the level of comfort as well as the luxury that people of the west presented during the period. The epicenter present in the painting revolves around the aspect of the goddess (Gast 22).

The other elements depicted serves as the manifestation of destiny and are still equally useful in the whole instance. Even though the emphasis was on the aspect of the goddess, it also serves as symbolism and denotes on key aspects related to the beneficial impacts related to manifestation. The reflection was on the positive attitude that relates to the subject matter. In another instance, it is apparent that the goddess also embraced through the dressing of the luminous white. The main justification of the color is purity, and that expresses the need for creating such a platform for growth.

Another instance depicted by the color is goodness as well as progress, which are all useful in impacting the living standard of the generation. There is also the difference in the places as well as environment. According to the art, the west represents a wild as well as strong rivers. There is also the aspect of uncontrolled grasses which denotes the progressive nature of development in the region. In the east, the depiction is a greater extent of settlement as well as civilization (Stephan, Charles and John 22). An understanding of the attitudes is also a factor to consider. Most of the Native Americans tend to run away from an aspect. The issue is not clear in such an instance, and it is not possible to make a correlation on the issue. The West had to keep struggling to make ends meet, and that is symbolized by the level of conflict recorded in the region.

The narration of the art is also a factor to consider. It is evident that plowing of the field was evident. Mostly, that represented an aspect of the agricultural revolution. The ability to expand food supply improved on the lives of most stakeholders in the region. Moreover, there was a significant revolution in the Railroad transport. Key elements in the instance include the trains as well as the railroads. These instances made it possible to offer a better transport system in the region (Stephan, Charles and John 22). There is also an improvement in the level of communication as well as the possibility of improving the living standard of most people in the society. There is also the contrast in the painting in which the bright side denotes the extent of happiness as well as prosperity. Mostly, it is the level of civilization that made it possible to achieve such growth. The dark side of the story denotes the undeveloped part of the world. The aspects depicted includes the aspect of gloom as well as the hardship that the other individual experienced during the instance.

Every artist will have the core reason for the creation of a given piece. Mostly, such a move must follow the right demands present during the period of creation. In most occasions, individuals create a mismatch between the piece created and the purpose of the creation. That is the main cause of conflict in the field of literature. According to the artist, the focus was on advocating as well as the illustration of the aspect of goodness that came as a result of the expansion of the western culture. There is also the enhancement of aspect related to the manifestation of destiny that existed in such an instance. In a nutshell, the focus is on goodness as well as the expansion of the western culture.

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