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Addiction To Internet Surfing, Games And Blogs Adversely Affects The Ability Of Students To Work, Making Them Antisocial And Even Suicidal.

Brief Overview of the Matter

The administration of the educational institutes has decided to impose restrictions on the use of Internet students. This step was dictated by fears for the morale of students, as, according to teachers, the addiction to Internet surfing, games and blogs adversely affects the ability of students to work, making them antisocial and even suicidal.


There is controversy and debate on whether students should be allowed to access the Internet or not be able to use the Internet during certain times. According to the administration, this will help save students from dependence and force them to go to bed early. Modern students do not even know their neighbours on the floor, and all this is because they are too keen on the Internet. The old culture of hostels had sunk into oblivion, and the spirit of camaraderie among students had evaporated without a trace. What, in the opinion of the teaching staff, is an unhealthy tendency? Students like have long established a reputation for depressed people who lead an incorrect lifestyle. Over the past five years, nine students have committed suicide in some schools. For the past two years, two students have laid hands on themselves, and several more attempts of students to take their lives were stopped.

Thesis Statement:

The addiction to Internet surfing, games and blogs adversely affects the ability of students to work, making them antisocial and even suicidal.

Clear Agenda and Line of Arguments

Numerous would contend that understudies are now too intensely limited from seeing the political right’s perspective, yet I feel it ought to be confined further. Understudies ought to be given the radical liberal perspective and no other. On the off chance that understudies can go on the web and see a conservative conclusion, at that point, they may begin trusting that being conservative is the best. They may begin to believe that things, for example, vagrancy matter more than equity. Emotions are not the most vital thing on the planet, and understudies need to comprehend this, which they may not on the off chance that they see conservative material. It is better that understudies just observe liberal sites with no entrance at all to anything on the conservative, generally understudies may begin voting republican rather than democrat. Understudies are, as of now, confined to generally radical perusing and research material, yet this ought to be extended further to guarantee no conservative or centre political site is accessible by any stretch of the imagination. This may likewise incorporate limitations on certain web-based social networking stages. On the off chance that an online networking stage isn’t a solid radical devotee, at that point, that web-based social networking stage may have been contaminated by conservative indoctrinating and is along these lines harming an understudy’s psychological wellness.


The Internet is now limited on school grounds. Schools, as of now, have confinements on their Internet benefits with the goal that understudies can’t get to specific sites. Some of these confinements originate from the weight of distributors who don’t need understudies to download copyrighted material through school Internet frameworks. Most limitations originate from the need to confine what an understudy peruses and finds regarding their political belief system. My factious paper demonstrated that these limitations ought to be stretched out and reinforced to guarantee no understudy is ever presented to the correct perspective. Generally, understudies will be mentally programmed to vote in favour of the right. My exposition likewise demonstrated that understudies ought to be permitted to see grown-up material since they are grown-ups, and it is a part of their privileges and opportunity for articulation. My exposition additionally demonstrated that present limitations on criminally inspired sites ought to presumably remain set up in light of the fact that there is no requirement for understudies to find out about criminal action, and a few sites may offer risky guidance on the best way to end up a criminal, and that ought to be evaded as well.



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