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Accommodation of Religious Beliefs in the Workplace

As the ABC Global manager, it is essential to utilize the ethical decision-making framework when dealing with Drew, an employee feeling uncomfortable when his colleagues practice and express their religious beliefs freely at the workplace. Several considerations must be sought before coming to any conclusion regarding Drew’s case because he has equal freedom of expression like any other employee in the organization. Some concerns include identifying which principles are conflicting, what consequences the actions taken have and what are the bases of the case and the opposing ideologies among others. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that all the employees are handled justly and equally.

Considering that ABC Global accommodates all religions regardless of how the employees practice or express them, and also there are rules and regulations under the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the case must be dealt with ethically to ensure that neither side has been overlooked. Evidently, the issue of religious accommodation in the organization potentially affects the performance of some employees because they are uncomfortable when around those who practice different beliefs. As an employer, one can develop and implement specific measures and policies that will ensure that the morale of operation within the organization is not affected and the workers can interact freely with each other. Some strategies include limiting those who conduct prayers or read religious books to specific places where they don’t create undue hardships on others. Also, regulation of the employees’ religious dressing and grooming is an essential element that can be developed (Accommodating). However, these regulations should not be created and implemented regarding assumed undue hardships. After development, religious accommodation programs can be introduced to advise, educate, and handle the employees on issues regarding their ethical beliefs in the workplace. Hence, the workers might adapt and transform their perception of others in the same organization.

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