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Academic Goals Essay

I have had several personal goals in life but one of my academic goals has been to become a manager at a finance company. I have not only enjoyed this academic goal that I have set in place but I have mastered how to enjoy my career goal as well. I would like to continue my education in the area of finance. My aim is to acquire the reliable grounding information in general management. I greatly believe that I can become an acceptable manager when I study this area of business. The reason why I need to study finance is that most of the finance subjects are interesting and I really enjoy when studying. I like the trials of investigating the ideas of finance which includes financial modeling and banking. This makes it be an intrinsic motivation since I do not do it for any visible rewards but I do it for my own happiness as well as just for pleasure. I think that I have the positive attitude in studying finance subjects as I believe that this particular attitude should help me a lot to make it in my career goal. And since I believe that my goal is realistic I am currently attending several sessions on finance and I believe that after that I will achieve this goal and I will become a suitable finance manager for a certain company in future.

Equally important, my grad team members have helped me a lot in achieving my goal especially my academic counselor in the Grad team, he has really helped me a lot, he was there to guide me in choosing the right track for my career when I was unable to do it alone. At first, I was unable to choose the right path since I was not qualifying because of my credits and I wanted to finish early but I was lucky enough since me counselor was there and he helped me to choose the correct choice towards my career. It has been a wonderful experience working hard as a result of feeling motivated by my Grad team. I have not only learned a lot but I have developed skills and abilities to see everything from a positive angle. I have managed to face every challenge that comes along my career goal. It has been such an experience that will impact both my personal and professional life.

In addition, the financial aid counselor in our Grad team also helped me a lot despite not being financially stable to take many courses. He promoted me to continue my education despite how the situation was negative. He recommended to me many ways on how to get money so that I could be able to earn a better living. However, he also gives me information on financial help, the information that I will use if I achieved good grades in my subjects and become a finance manager.

Finally, the admission diplomat also motivated me a lot through the way they gave me coveted information on how the course structure should be and what admission certification entailed. This helped me a lot, it encouraged me always to be on the best path and eventually achieve my goal. I really thank my teachers and my Grad team for their support and having trust and believe my abilities that I will make it in both my academic and career life. Thanks to my teachers for their motivation and to my attitude towards achieving my academic goal!



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