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Abortion and its Consequences

Freedom for citizens to abort the innocent lives of stillborn children causes quite contradictory opinions. Abortion is a murder or an attempt to reduce the percentage of orphans and homeless beggars. Abortion is a surgical intervention aimed at abortion by artificial explained in dry medical terminology (Cockrill and Weitz n.p.). More or less safe for the above procedure is a period of up to 20 weeks, with the fetal weight not exceeding 400 grams. During the operation, both local anesthesia and general anesthesia can be performed.

However, no doctor will give guarantees that the procedure will pass for your body without consequences. Abortion, as a method of getting rid of unwanted pregnancy, was known in ancient times. Under the laws of Ancient Greece and Rome, the life of the fetus was not protected, and the termination of pregnancy was not punished. However, this practice could not be spread widely since abortion almost always represented a danger to the mother and child and was very often fatal to the mother. Fruit expulsion was considered an immoral act and punished when it was conducted for selfish purposes or other baser motives. To prevent abortion, it is desirable to provide additional public outreach on government resources and educate teenagers by showing films about abortion (Jason n.p.).

All stages of the development of the baby inside the mother can be seen firsthand; there are enough similar films on the Internet. There are also videos showing how abortion occurs. The film is called “Silent Scream.” For viewing to all who believe that abortion – it’s nothing terrible and the right woman. People hate violence and coercion; they always protect the rights of any person. But rights end when it comes to the life of another person. This is the basis of any legislation. It is believed that a five to twelve-week-old child is not a human being yet, and such a child is supposedly not, however (Dwyer, n.p.). Citizens planning a child now may still be canceled, but the one that is conceived and developed in the body of a woman cannot be canceled. That child already exists; it is just that so is a person in the body of his future mother. The principal difference is whether the baby is still in the mother’s body or already outside it (Rohlinger, n.p.).Participating in various actions of the NGOs, the volunteers most often hear that what is murder contains a lot of cells that are being killed. By the time a woman learns of the pregnancy, the baby is already forming a heart. As it beats, it can be seen even on ultrasound in five weeks of pregnancy. In a crumb two mm in size, the nervous system and internal organs are formed. The child feels pain when dismembering is removed from the uterus of a woman. At twelfth weeks before this date, abortions have been officially authorized in America for no reason, and this is a real man, only a small one, six centimeters in size (Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. 2018).

In principle, adults should be aware that sex can lead to the conception of a child. For that, he, in fact, is intended. Means of contraception are now widely available, and the choice is great. Yes, it happens that the means of protection fail. There is a variant to make sterilization, the truth, here too there are conditions. A woman cannot be less than 35 years old, or she should already have at least two children, even if the woman is childfree if she does not want to be a mother at all. So the USA is fighting for demography, allowing about 10 thousand abortions a day (Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. n.p.). There are different situations; someone threw a husband, someone lives on a penny, someone became pregnant from an accidental or married lover, someone has strict parents, and someone has not matured yet. It is hard to understand just why a child should pay with his life for someone’s sex. Neither alleged poverty nor even orphanhood can justify the killing of a child (Dwyer, n.p.).

This is equivalent to the fact that it is legal to allow the killing of old and burdening relatives; for example, an 85-year-old mother came down, she will not rise again, she is not in her right mind, and she goes under herself and can be in this state for ten years. In this case, one will either have to quit the job or hire a nurse for a lot of money. Sometimes, people will not sleep at night; sometimes, they will deny anything, and sometimes, they will cry into a pillow, and yet, the law forbids its strangulation by this pillow itself because it is killing a defenseless person. A conceived child, after the birth of which, perhaps, people will not sleep at night, cannot work, do not buy a mink coat, and can be destroyed legally(Cockrill &Weitz, n.p.). The only difference is that the kid will give a sea of positivity, will smell milk and honey, and will say that you are the best in the world (Rohlinger, n.p.). This child will grow up, and, maybe, exactly, the child, who was not killed, will take care of the parent when they become older, but most of all, women who use abortion as a means of protection are not too concerned about contraception but plan their lives. For example, they became pregnant, but the furniture in the new apartment has not been bought yet. Or they need pregnancy in six months, and not right now. The solution is simple, easy, and not moody abortion.

To prevent such a situation and to reduce the abortion rate in the country, it is better to provide additional public outreach on government resources to show films about abortions for teenagers so that they think about it before deciding to do so. Maybe this will at least slightly reduce the number of children killed in the mother’s womb. It is much easier to protect than to disassemble consequences. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. It is necessary, in my opinion, to educate children from kindergarten, naturally, within a reasonable age for them. Tell more grown-up children about love, about high, romantic love, and about sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, about what sexual intercourse leads. Try to say to teenagers that there is no need to hurry up with entering into sexual life, but parents need to be educated, too, because modern parents are often not so romantic in family relationships and are literate in teaching their children. Alas. A ban on abortion can lead to the fact that people will lose not only the unborn children but also women who can subsequently give birth to the planned coveted child and raise from him a worthy person. However, no one will say that abortion is okay. It is apparent to any reasonable person that this is bad. And abortion itself and its prohibition is a double-edged sword; just the two evils have to choose the smallest. And to give a choice, in my opinion, it follows, after all, to a woman.

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