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A Video on Lifespan Perspective by Lakey (2017)


Lifespan perspective means human development and the stages of socio-economic growth of a human mind and how it works. It includes all the activities carried out by an individual whether it is in school, in his genes or his socioeconomic status.


A video on lifespan perspective by Lakey (2017) explains the aspects and frameworks of lifespan development. It has shown the elements that are related to DNA, genetics and cellular growth while structures are internal mechanisms. The video shows how one thing is relevant to another when it comes to lifespan mechanism. What does increase have to do with it? It means that we grow more complicated with time and to understand and we need more knowledge or elaboration to understand even a single individual.

The evidence that supports this statement would be the multi-directionality, which states that whatever goes up, must come down eventually. When we are young, our verbal interactions and size are exceeding with time. However, at a certain point, both of those above will subjugate. Assumptions in the video as explained are, for instance, plasticity which means capacity is not predetermined. Its context is on growth and how it has certain effects on our lifestyle whereas it can be controlled if some certain exercise is conducted Beckett, C. (2002). Historical context, another assumption which explains how the process of development begins from the time of our birth, how everyone is born in a specific set of criteria, and human capacity are not capable of escaping that certain fact.


The video accurately and logically represents particular developmental processes such as growth, mental and personality development. The video showed an example of Steven Hawkings which is an example of historical context and the real or logical consequence of it would be despite his disability since birth, and he turned out to be one of the greatest minds in the world.


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