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A Summary of Thomas Woodrow Wilson’s contributions to American politics


Thomas Woodrow Willson was the 28th American president, born on 28th Dec 1856 in Virginia, United States, and died on 3rd February 1924. He was elected two-time American president. His tenure started from 14 March 1913 to 4th March 1921and he is from the democratic party. His nickname was “schoolmaster in politics.” He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1919 due to his struggle to maintain peace. His 14 points play a vital role in the establishment of the League of Nations.  Earned Ph.D. in political science from Johns Hopkins University. Woodrow Wilson is the only American president in the history of the United States who has a doctorate in political science(Wilson, 1993).

He started his political career in 1910 when he was nominated as a governor of New Jersey. Due to his ambitious and successful agenda, he earned national recognition, and in 1912, he won the Democratic nomination for president. He won 435 electoral colleges out of 531, and Democrats are the majority in both houses of Congress. He is the American president during the First World War. He was a great supporter of idealism. He gave the idea of an international organization that prevents war. His 14 points gave the basic structure of the League of the nation, which is the first-ever international organization.

Economic Reforms

During his presidency he more focus on economic development for this he makes three central peaces of legislation. The first peace of law was the low tariff, the Underwood Act and in 1914 antitrust legislation established a federal trade commission to minimize unfair practices.

Woodrow Wilson made a significant contribution to the child labor force; during his presidency, Congress passed many bills against child labor (Keynes, 2017).

Pro Farmers Measure

During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, another important measure was taken by that is pro-farmer measure. He plays a vital role in giving farmers their rights, and this plays an important role in the economic growth of the United States (Wilson, 2017).

The Idea Of Eight-Hour Maximum Work

Another an essential contribution in the field of economics that is he gave the concept of eight-hour work in a day that is an indispensable contribution to labor reforms.

During World War One

When the world war broke out in Europe in 1914, he declared the United States to remain neutral in this; he could not take part by any side axes or allied powers. He won the second presidential election with the slogan of “he kept us out of a war,” but after the election, he concluded that the US could not remain neutral in the world war first. On 2nd April 1917, he passed a declaration of war on Germany (Schattschneider, 2017).

League Of Nation And Woodrow Willson        

Woodrow Wilson was the greater supporter of idealism. He gives the idea of an international forum where the nations of the solve their problem through peaceful means. In 1918 Willson went to Congress and gave is famous 14 points on which the league of nation was established, the last of which would establish “A general association guarantees the political independence and territorial integrity of all the state either weak or strong.”

After the signing of Germany on this document in 1918, Woodrow Willson went to Paris to try to endure peace. Later, he presented the covenant of the League of Nations in Congress by seven votes, but the Treaty of Versailles failed in the Senate.

Woodrow Willison has made a huge contribution to maintaining peace around the world. The current international organization United Nation (UN) succedere organization of league of nation. The UN plays an important role in preventing a third world war. He is an excellent supporter of work and against racism; in his cabinet, many members belong to the South.

Woodrow Willson And Racism

Woodrow Wilson was a great supporter of equality and did not believe in racism. He believed that men and women, black and whites, were equal, and he gave equal opportunities to blacks during his presidential tenure. Willson is one of the great supporters of equal opportunities for all without any discrimination by race(Cooper, 2018.)

Women’s Suffrage And Woodrow Willson:

Woodrow Wilson is a great supporter of women’s suffrage. From 1917 to 1919, the movement for women’s suffrage is at its peak. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guaranteed American women the right to vote. It is one of Willson’s huge contributions to women’s rights. Willson was a great supporter of women’s rights. He gave equal participation to women in all fields of life(Wilson,1956).

Woodrow Wilson’s Contribution To Politics Or International Relations

Woodrow Willson has a huge contribution in the field of International Relation or politics. He built another school of thought in international relations. He gave a new life to the liberal school of thought in international relations. This school plays an important role in preventing war and maintaining peace in the world. Due to the liberal school of thought in 1919,, International relations emerged as a separate discipline in social science. This news helps us to study international relations and world politics in a real sense.


American president Woodrow Wilson has a huge contribution to American politics as well as in world politics, and he is a great supporter of ideas. Willson has a huge contribution during world war one; he plays an important role to built first ever International organization.


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