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A Summary Of The New York City Teachers’ Strike Of 1968

In 1968, a confrontation occurred between the school board (which was controlled by the new community situated in Ocean Hill Brownsville, Brooklyn) and the United Federation of Teachers. This historical confrontation is known as the New York City Teachers’ Strike of 1968. The subject strike was a prolonged event that started in May of 1968 and ended in November of the same year. Because of this strike, public schools encountered a closure of about thirty-six days, augmented the factor of racism among Jews and Blacks. The strike was commenced by the school board, which rejected the recruitment of a few administrators and teaching staff. The dismissal was expressed for almost all white and Jewish employees. On the other hand, the United Federation of Teachers, which proceeded under the leadership of Albert Shanker, requested the restoration of teaching staff.

The subject strike caused eroded unions against the community and elaborated a squabble among national rights regarding self-determination and international rights of teaching staff as laborers. However, the district where the school was located was not that significant in area. Still, the strike generated crucial outcomes because it had the potential to change the course of the school system in its entirety, not only in New York but in many other places. The strike concluded in November of 1968, subsequent to the controlling measures of the New York State Education Commission over the district of Ocean Hill Brownsville. According to the last verdict, teachers became restored, and transfers of three principals took place. Furthermore, the trusteeship became the caretaker of the district for the coming four months. Historians assert that the consequences of the strike evoked the Jewish populace of New York to approve the recognition of whites and to polarize the race-based connection in the setting. Further, the series of incidents led Meir Kahane to develop the Jewish Defense League, which later turned into an organization of terrorists.


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