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A Rhetorical Analysis of Depression in America

The author has done a tremendous job of introducing the topic to the audience in the first paragraph by giving a background of depression in America and the demand for antidepressants. Following this, he has employed ethos in showing the credibility of his claim such that even opponents to the argument are easily swayed to the other camp. After reading the article, an individual may easily be persuaded to change position, considering the data the author has used to back up his arguments. The strong thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph is enough to tell the reader of the author’s opinion, which is mostly biased and one-sided. However, the rebuttal section indicates ample research on the topic, and providing the avenue for a counter-position shows that the compilation was not ignorant of the opposition.  My claim in the essay that marijuana is a better antidepressant than Prozac was inclusive of the side effects of the latter that far surpass those of cannabis.

From just reading the introduction, an individual can identify with the problem and the position the author intended to take. The main idea of the whole paper is pegged on pathos and the emotional appeal to the audience by stressing the severity of the side effects of reliance on synthetic drugs. Since marijuana has been placed in society as a psychoactive drug, any position disputing this and supporting that cannabis is indeed beneficial will arouse the readers’ interest to continue reading. Including information from qualified experts and institutions in the field adds to the credibility of the evidence I have mentioned in the paper to support my position. Overall, the author adheres to grammar rules regarding sentence structure and the flow of ideas throughout the essay. The logos touch, in conclusion, strengthened by the restatement of the thesis statement, gives the reader the urge to research further on the issue and consider the new knowledge retrieved from the paper.



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