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A review of the Food Act 2001

List of all requirements, Licenses, Support Info, Time Frames, and Penalties


  • According to the Food Act 2001, to run a café business, notification to the local council is required before the commencement of business to ensure Councils about your business operation.
  • Meeting food standards is compulsory for the manufacturing of beverages.
  • The food standards will apply to:
  • Ingredients
  • Additives
  • Minerals
  • Processing Aids
  • Vitamins
  • Registration as a company to carry on the café operation. The name of the company must be registered on the Business Names Register.
  • TFN information is required to regulate individuals’ TFN information gathering, storing, practice, disposal, and security.
  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission requires registration of the company.
  • The Australian government requires registration for a trademark.
  • To comply with minimum employment conditions that include fair salary and wages.
  • A written statement is required to ensure operations are carried out according to the approval.
  • Competency Card is required
  • The tax file number of the company is required
  • Agreements to fulfill certain obligations.
  • Legislation of Workplace Health and Safety Acts
  • Rights of the workplace are stated in the Fair Work Act.
  • Work Health and Safety Legislation for hazard situations.
  • According to the Work Act, it is necessary to get the registration within 14 days of beginning employment. In an independent contractor’s case, the employer must register under Work Cover.
  • Registration for PAYG is required before withholding from payment.


License to operate the café business

The license of a small venue is required to authorize the sale and supply of beverages for on-premises consumption.

License to play background music.

License to play background music in café including CDs and iPod.

License to get appropriate support information.

License to access information in the Fair Work Act, Food Act, Workplace Health and Safety legislation, and from services of Australian Licensing.

Licensing of occupancy of café operations

An occupancy certificate is required to occupy the building.

The license to distribute printing materials

Time Frames

As designated for approval of printed documents.

For the trademark ten years


Without giving the notification to the council, a penalty of $300 expiation will be issued.

Licensing, legal requirements, and Permits


The company must have the license of registration and certification to undertake the café operations.

Approval from the council is required to distribute printed materials such as brochures and pamphlets.

License to play background music in the café.

A trademark license is required.

Registration from the Australian government is required as a PAYG Withholder.

License to sell beverages.

Approval for Dining at the café.

Approval to get rid of waste as well as trade wastewater

Approval from the officer to have adequate information on TFN.

Approval to use public sewer.

License for development consent.

License for registration of employers

Legal Requirements

For certification of the café, an Australian Business Number is required and for the pending ABN application, the following information is needed:

  • The proposed name of the company
  • The preferred period of registration (1-3 years)
  • The address, the café’s location, and the service documents are attached.
  • The details of the Australian Business Number

An appropriate fee is required to get the license to play background music.

For the proprietary company, a $ 479.00 fee is required.

According to the application, the company should use trademarks relevant to the goods and services.

To get the ABN entitlement, your company must demonstrate its business structure and conduct business in Australia.

Undertaking the appropriate activities to commence the company.


Permit of Trade Waste Discharge is required.

Specific authorization is required for the sewerage system

Internal sewer is required that is connected to the sewerage system of the café.

Permit to use the building for adequate maintenance for necessary safety standards.

Requirements fulfill the Food Act Food Standards Code of Australia New Zealand

According to the Food Act 2001, a notification to counsel is necessary before the commencement of business

Regular inspection is required to check the activities of the café.

The food standards will apply to:




Processing Aids


Work Health and Safety Legislation for hazardous situations is required to meet the safety standards.

Obligations for legal tax and Penalties

Requirements list to fulfill Legislation of Fair work

Registration for payroll tax purposes is required

ABN registration is required. The café operation should deal with the Taxation Office and other governmental departments.

WHS requirements

Essential safety provisions should be installed.

Small business Fair Dismissal code is required to protect against unfair dismissal claims.

A fair Work information statement is required to give to the employees when he/she starts employment.

Areas which need provisions for outline and risk management

High risk is involved in complex, multiple discharges of trade waste.

Permit to use the building for a café.

Adequate maintenance and testing are required to inspect the safety standards.

Registration of HRMWS for installation and operations is required

Certificate of compliance for essential safety provision

Areas that need specialist legal advice

Legal advice from specialists is required for the maintenance standards and essential safety provisions.

Agreement for the Development plan is required.

Provisions for the design and development location are required.

Development approval is required.

Approval for development to undertake building work is required.

For the safety of structural issues such as protection from fire, Health, and amenity are the issues where legal advice from a specialist is required.

For the installation of the cooling tower, notification to the Environmental Officer of the Council

  • labeling and other information
  • substances added to food
  • contaminants and residues
  • maximum permissible limits of chemicals
  • foods requiring pre-market clearance
  • microbiological and processing
  • food safety.
  • Building work;
  • Cleaning work;
  • Driving a taxi-cab or other similar motor vehicle;
  • Driving or riding a vehicle (other than a commercial motor vehicle);
  • Performing as an entertainer;
  • Performing work as an outworking where that work is governed by an award or industrial agreement about workers and
  • Work of a minister, priest, or another member of a religious order (except designated religious orders).

Contact the agency director for further details regarding any of the above information.



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