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A Defense of Homosexuality by John Corvino Analysis

The essay “A Defense of Homosexuality” by John Corvino talks about the lives of homosexuals and their sexual relationships. Homosexuals find pleasure in performing sexual activity, which provides them lasting fulfillment. Unlike heterosexual couples who can produce children, homosexuals cannot produce children, but they get significant benefits through their relationships. The author claims that homosexual sex is not a natural activity between two couples, which seems abnormal in the eyes of society. The study of gays reveals that even animals are found to have homosexual relationships.

The lifestyle chosen by homosexual people is not inflicted upon them by anyone, it is their free will to choose that lifestyle because they are born with the assumption of fulfilling their dreams with homosexuality. It is an immoral choice for a lifestyle; they find certain same-sex people attractive and fall in love with them. Both homosexuality and heterosexuality include options for people involved in it.

Various human organs have different purposes; they use their other organs naturally but use their sexual organs unnaturally. They use their reproductive organs to celebrate, express love, enhance their relationships, and control each other’s feelings. The process is not procreative therefore it is fair for the church people to condemn it; their relationships are always infertile as it is almost impossible for a woman to get pregnant in a homosexual relationship. There is no argument that the sex between a male and a male is wrong. It is instead a disgusting relationship between the two individuals who cross the boundaries and norms of society and create their judgment about morality.

Not only is homosexual sex sinful, but the activity is also harmful to both individuals. They can easily transfer AIDS to each other according to the statistics. The researchers have found out that homosexual persons do not reveal their identities to the public or in interviews during jobs. It could lead to workplace complexities and a high rate of crime as well.

There are a lot of homosexuals in New  York and San Francisco; it is also wrong for women to have sex with men when there is the danger of spreading HIV to their partner. Homosexuality may be a human component of personal fulfillment for such individuals; they get sexually active frequently just like any other couple by paying the price of their decision. The example of Tommy and Jim as a male couple provides a very different picture, though; they not only claim that they fulfill each other’s wishes but also become productive for society and do no harm to the community.

The more significant emphasis should be given to the condemnation of homosexuality because the bible teaches against this activity. If homosexuals can turn to religion, they can have knowledge of the Bible, which condemns these acts of pleasure. The Bible prohibits eating pork and teaches us to obey Christ in earthly matters with the fear of God. It is immoral for couples to become homosexuals from a religious point of view. Since Biblical times, the economic conditions have changed dramatically. Now, technology has enabled people to adopt a lifestyle of their choice. However, the teachings of the Bible will still differ from the contemporary interests of homosexual individuals. Therefore, the conclusion is that there are substantial religious and moral grounds on which the activity of homosexuality must be discouraged.


Corvino, John. A Defense Of Homosexuality. 1st ed. Print.



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