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a comparison of Socrates’ and Krishna’s characters and teachings

Krishna and Socrates were the two famous prophets of two different religions, and these two changed many people’s lives. Socrates was considered an atheist and somehow a follower of the Greek religion, and Krishna was the prophet of the religion of Hinduism. Both these prophets had many similar and contrasting qualities and behaviors. In this essay, I will discuss the characteristics of these characters and compare their advice with each other thoroughly.

Krishna and Socrates were greatly different from each other and belonged to different religions, but in many ways, they had some similar qualities and views. They were very influential when they gave advice to the people. They have unique qualities, such as giving advice in such a way that people want to listen to them and implement their advice in their lives. They were both kind and spiritual and strictly followed the states’ rules. They wanted to serve their gods and states; this factor was the most dominant in their lives. In addition to that, they were very responsible and desperately wanted to serve their community.

Like the similarities of these personalities, Socrates and Krishna also had many contradictory and different approaches. One of the major differences between them was that Socrates followed the approach of independence, while Krishna followed the approach of communism. Socrates always told the people that they should live for themselves and always focused on the people’s free will. He encouraged justice and freedom and thought that anyone is only responsible for his actions. Krishna’s views in this regard were totally opposite of Socrates, as he was against the idea of free will. He encouraged that any sensible individual should never take responsibility for his actions. He should never care for the consequences of his actions. When Krishna gave advice to Arjuna in Mahabharat, he emphasized the idea of fighting in the battle without thinking about its consequences. He encouraged the thought that anyone should not be afraid of his actions and their future consequences, he should act where required.

Values and beliefs were also the greatest differences between Socrates and Krishna. Socrates questioned the values and beliefs of his society and wanted to change them. The reason behind it was that he wanted to change his society and make it a better and more peaceful place. Krishna was totally opposite of Socrates’ belief, as he also wanted to better his society, but he wanted the people to follow the old traditions, values, and beliefs. He believed that any individual should never try to question the values and beliefs of society.

Socrates and Krishna were different but famous prophets, with similarities and differences. The major factors of their lives were to serve humanity, the state, and their God. Their purpose in life was the same, but they achieved it through similar and different approaches.

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