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A Case Of Division Among Generations


This case is about an old worker, Stanley, who has been working with the Spring Creek Residence for the last 35 years and ended up being ignored and avoided when the management of the company hired the new staff.


Stanley is the oldest worker at Spring Creek Residence. When the executive director of the organization hired new Registered Nurses, Stanley tried to make a bond with them, but recruits made fun of him. Stanley was discriminated against over his age as a newly hired staff member between the ages of 25 and 31, and they were more comfortable interacting with people of the same age group. Younger people are more energetic, more enthusiastic about their careers, and more comfortable working in an environment where the personnel is young. The young generation connects easily with young people because they have the same social needs. As a leader, I would create a bond between Stanley and the newly hired staff so that they could get along. Secondly, will put registered nurses under the supervision of Stanley. Diversity practices are positively associated with employee engagement (Downey et al., 2015). With the help of transparent communication, a strengthful foundation strategy and the breaking down of silos, I will be able to take care of taking sides and avoiding a situation. A leader can cultivate a more welcoming environment that embraces differences by becoming a role model, supporting his employees, treating them on an equal basis, and motivating employees to act inclusively. In real life, those companies are prospering by recruiting new people and retaining their old employees. Most of these companies are IT-related. To promote a diversified workforce that meets organizational service delivery needs, as a leader, I would be mentoring new and high potential needs of employees, exposing top potential employees to diverse business situations by making the working arrangements flexible, and providing opportunities for an international career.


Downey, S. N., Werff, L., Thomas, K. M., & Plaut, V. C. (2015). The role of diversity practices and inclusion in promoting trust and employee engagement. Journal of Applied Social Psychology45(1), 35-44



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