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Milton William Cooper, born in 1943 and passed on in 2001, was a conspiracy theorist who started off as a radio presenter in the 1980s. He intermarried the New Age beliefs such as UFOs with the New World Order conspiracy theories. He also authored a book in 1991 titled “Behold a Pale Horse.” He was regarded as an outsider and too paranoid amongst the terminally paranoid because he denounced most of his rival conspiracy theorists. In his entire life, he exposed many global conspiracies with his latest being the attacks on September 11. In this essay, we will focus on Cooper and his connection to the 9/11 plot.

In the 1990s, Cooper worked as a broadcaster in radio on a night shift called Hour of the Time. He captivated his listeners with a variety of subjects of interests because he was not only a former Naval Intelligence veteran but also an established author. With the absence of internet hence hardships in obtaining information, most people tuned in from Mondays to Friday’s yearning to hear the truth. On this particular day, June 28th, 2001, he went ahead and predicted the 9/11 attacks and further revealed that Osama bin Laden would be used as the scapegoat by the American Government (Douglas, Sutton and Callan).

Osama bin Laden had been a CIA agent by the name Tim Osman who died in 2001. It was a world shocker when the predictions fatally turned out to be true in less than eleven weeks. Cooper critically assessed the tense events and scenarios with a critical eye connecting the information bits he gathered from his sources. Through this, he was able to deconstruct the lies the government fed its citizens and established his theories. As expected, he turned out to be a bother to the authorities for the exposes he made. This saw him charged with tax evasion in 1998 resulting in the issuant of his arrest warrant that was never executed (Locklip).

In the year 2000, he was regarded as one of significant America’s fugitive putting him on the map as a significant target for the U.S. Marshals Service. While candidly speaking of his situation and tribulations, Cooper was convinced that his problems were actively engineered by President Clinton’s government and the IRS as a way of blackmailing and intimidating him. Despite this, the predictions came to pass. He later, through his radio shows, tried to expose the significant conspiracy events that had led to the 9/11 attacks (Douglas, Sutton and Callan).

He mostly blamed the Federal Government, pointing fingers at the authorities for planning the attacks and further lying and swaying the America’s general public and the whole world into believing their fabricated story as to who and why the attacks were made. Through this, they were able to manipulate the public opinion into the favor of their interests thus executing their plot (Free).

Cooper, in his final radio show held on 5th of November 2001, talked of his plan to write a detailed book on his duty tour in Vietnam stating that it would be a dedication to anyone who served during the war. Later that evening, he was visited by the Apache County Sheriff’s Department at his home in Eagar, Arizona. The cops accused him of illegal possession of a lethal firearm and claimed that they had a warrant to arrest him. Ununiformed and using unmarked vehicles, the police tricked him out of his house. Once he was out, they fired shots which prompted Cooper to fire back killing one cop. He was later shot while on his doorstep and died immediately. However, the circumstances of who fired first and if Cooper was brandishing a gun at the time of his demise remain unclear (Jama).

The fatal shooting and the mystery shrouding his death led to many believing that it was well-planned treachery aimed at killing him for the exposes he was making. Consequently, the incident convinced most that the government had planned the terror attacks and that Cooper was right from the word start.

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