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Impact Of Social Media On Our Generation Case Study


Social media is known as a platform that provides people the opportunity to Case Study the impact of Social Media on Our Generation, gather on a platform, and discuss different matters regardless of their subjects. It gives people the opportunity to make profiles and make friends of their own choice, communicate with whomever they want, and publicly share their opinions with everyone (Salomon, 2017). All that it takes is a stable internet connection. Different social networking sites give people the opportunity of blogging, chatting, picture/video sharing, and the facility of video calling.

People, especially youth, are spending more and more time on these social media websites to seek entertainment, to download different pictures and videos, and to chat with their friends in order to stay connected with those who are far away from them. Different social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more are making young people addicted to these websites (Martin, 2018). People are losing their focus on other things and are just jumping from one website to another to pass their time. However, some people benefit from these social networking websites because they have made these websites a way to earn a living, whereas most of the young generation is feeling challenged in their academic field because of social media.


Social media is the most popular form of media, and it gained so much popularity among the youth within very few years. We are living in an era in which easy access to social media is essential for everyone because, without it, life seems difficult. But one should keep in mind while connecting with social media that social media is not only for the purpose of seeking entertainment and wasting your time while scrolling down the pages but to gain information and use it properly for the betterment of yourself and for the betterment of society.

Since the creation of social media, more and more websites have come into existence and are becoming popular among the younger generation. Let me tell the truth: the young generation is not the only one who is getting addicted to these social networking sites but it has made everyone addicted to it. Recently a survey was conducted to take an insight of the internet users and on which age group mostly uses which particular website (Chaffey, 2016). The results are as follows:

Impact Of Social Media (SM) On Education

Studies have shown that social media has a negative effect on the education of this generation’s youth (Valenzuela, 2014). Websites like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are gaining popularity among the youth and are distracting them from their professional and academic purposes(Valenzuela, 2014). On the other hand, these websites are making this generation aware of the world and making them friendly with everyone.

Impact Of SM On Changing The Youth’s Mindset On Social Issues

As we all know, if an event or incident happens, whether that is social, political, or religious, everyone starts talking about that issue on social media. A recent study shows that women spend less time on social media than men, and women are more prone to these issues. Today’s generation believes in freedom of speech and makes sure that if an event or incident happens, whether it is wrong or right, they have to raise their voices on those issues to make their views countable (Salomon, 2017). Although today’s youth are very active in expressing their opinions on every social event, the dilemma is that these discussions are limited not only to social media but also to the real world. This generation forgot about every event that happened once they logged their account from the website.

Impact Of SM On Students

A study reveals that 55.4% of people in the age group 15-29 use social media on a regular basis (Khurana, 2015). These websites are used by students for many purposes, such as networking, socializing, entertainment, general awareness, or getting an update from friends. A study shows that the majority of students of the above-written age group use social media for the sake of entertainment (Chaffey, 2016). Here is the graphical representation of that study.

Impact Of SM On The Teenagers’ Academic And Social Development

These social networking sites fantasize about teenagers and youth, their technology, and the services these websites offer. Due to these services, most people lose their focus on their studies and start spending more time on these websites, which not only wastes their time but also negatively affects their academic and social development (Valenzuela, 2014). More use of social media also makes the person mentally dumb, as the person loses the ability to think critically about serious matters just by focusing on these updates.

Effect Of SM On The Behavior Of Our Youth

Everything has many pros and cons, and so does social media. Nothing can affect a person in a negative way if we try to learn the positivists of everything. Excessive use of social media is developing aggressive behavior in our youth. The more time you spend on social media by doing nothing creative and scrolling the pages up and down, the more your mind will fed up with everything, thus generating frustration in your mind and making you aggressive. But if you learn the effective use of social media, you can not only become creative but, along with your studies, you can also financially support yourself by earning a handsome amount and thus positively contributing to society.

Studies have shown that students don’t realize how to use and when to use these networking sites (Salomon, 2017). It has been observed that the students are using their smartphones or social media during their lectures while sitting in the lecture hall, using social media during their work hours, as well as while driving or walking on the roads, which is causing many accidents. This shows that the imbalanced use of social media can clearly cause serious damage not only to your physical health but also to your mental health.


Social media is a very popular and useful tool in today’s era. Without the use of social media, we surely cannot do many of our tasks. However, the main thing is that, with the positive and smart use of social media, we can definitely bring many changes not only in our country but also in the world. Using social media positively can help us bring cosine-political reforms to our country and make people aware of their rights. It can also help us to improve our educational system through different social media platforms. Its positive use can help us enhance different skills, like becoming more proficient not only in English but also in many other languages. It can help us develop communication skills and make our vision clearer about all aspects of life. However, excessive use of social media can also cause many negative effects, such as lowering our intellectual level. A lot of accidents are now happening due to the use of smartphones and social media, not only while walking but also while driving. So, it is time for us to take advantage of all the positive aspects of social media and leave the negative ones’ behind

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