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Why do I Want to Become an X-Ray Technologist?

Throughout my life, I was always fascinated with the medical field because it is an arena extending a helping hand to the unhealthy population of the world and those who are in need of any medical help. The reason why I landed in this industry is I was always interested in helping people and knew that this caring field would make me a better person for the people around me. I am already in the healthcare service and I am interested in becoming an x-ray technologist as my future career because it is one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare field. Being in the field while daily interacting with friendly and highly trained technicians who just not take x-rays, but also can specialize in CT imaging and MRI to diagnose major issues in the body, I came to realize that the sole purpose in my life is to help others while professionally growing as radiologic technology is a fast-growing career.

A little research about the field has further inspired me to consider it the best career choice for myself as I will get to work with innovative up-and-coming technology. I know I will be on the cutting edge with more and more developments happening in the field as I get to work with groundbreaking MRI, ultrasound, and MRI equipment. I feel that radiologic technology would bring me a handful of virtually endless opportunities that will help me quickly further my career. While growing and advancing in the field, my first priority will always be that I can extend my service to help people from all walks of life to truly make a difference in the lives of patients and for that, the availability of radiologic technology is something that improves patient outcomes. The sensation of helping people is a warm enthusiastic feeling that always consumes my heart and to further this emotion I feel radiologic technology is a great place to be.



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