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Weight Management Essay

Weight management is defined as a process in which body weight and lifestyle are modified according to the person, age, sex, and height. Weight management techniques involve intake of balanced diet. The purpose of weight management is the prevention of weight gain. A healthy weight should be gain because it will reduce the cholesterol level and maintain a body in a right way. Prevention of more weight will reduce the risk of getting diseases (2).

Any physiological or unhealthiness and as well as unbalance of body state is known as a health issue or health problem. In other words, it is a situation in which impairment of any physiological functioning effects any part of the body as and can also affects the whole organism.  Major Health problems include harms due to the alcohol usage, food safety issues, infections, stroke and heart attack HIV injury due to road accidents, unbalanced nutrition intake, physical activity, obesity, teen pregnancy and use of tobacco. Increase in body weight is significant health problem worldwide. Physical inactivity leads to the rise in significant body weight in other words obesity is due to all above factors (5).

According to world health organizations from last 30 years body weigh become double all over the world. Due to an overweight risk of health problems increased. Overweight people are at more chance of getting the stroke, heart attack, due to an accumulation of cholesterol in heart veins and as well as higher level of cholesterol leads toward the high blood pressure.

There is a strong relationship between body weight and depression. Depression is known as mood disorder which primarily disturbs and put the negative impact on daily lifestyle. Too much body weight increases the risk of getting arthritis it is a joint disease. Symptoms of this disease include inflammation of the joint and create difficulty in movement of person this is a painful condition. At start maybe it is not apparent but with the passage of time, it is hurtful. Too much body weight also leads toward death. For proper healthy body weight should be reduced to the body will work good (7).

Dhai/curd was originated centuries ago, and it is considered as a vital source of human diet which has essential nutrients. Dahi formed by milk fermentation, and it is a semisolid product which is produced from fermented milk. From last 30 years in developing and western countries, people become overweight which has lead toward the severe health issues. Injurious health outcomes include hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even some chronic disease as well.

Food consists of various numbers of nutrients which are complicated or complex in structural form. Food structure is responsible for the determination of whether about nutrients are digestible and absorbable. Food matrix is used as an indicator of the health relations. This food matrix is also responsible for the alternation of overall nutritional properties of food (8).

Current epidemiological and clinical data imply that yogurt is involved for body controlling and maintenance of energy also which play a vital role in the reduction of disease risk. Yogurt is also a nutritious food that replaces the less healthy food in the diet. Yogurt matrix and nutrients present in yogurt are such as protein and calcium which mainly control the appetite and as well as modification in gut microbiota. Yogurt has a role in the controlling of body weight. It also has such properties which are thought unique as it contains lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria are responsible for the fermentation of milk and converting that milk into curd.   This bacteria can also affect the gut microbiota. Yogurt has a potential role in person appetite and also responsible for the control of glucose level. According to different literature, it is observed that yogurt provide more benefit to the body. Yogurt mechanical actions include appetite control, loss of fat in body decreased the level of glucose, decrease food intake and as well as other unhealthy food with the healthy one. It supplies a proper portion of nutrients to the body for the energy regulation and the maintenance of the metabolic activity. The standard part of yogurt provides daily intake of nutrients (6).

Functional food introduced a few years ago; it can be defined as such food which provides nutritional value beyond the basic nutrition needs. Functional food was added to restore health effects by use of such food that fulfills and maintain functional body needs. Recently the variety of functional food is developed, and several of them are formed all over the world. It includes probiotics and synbiotic etc. Functional food is such food which has reduced fat, reduced sugar, and reduced salt concentration. Among all these functional foods probiotics functional food has more positive effects on health. According to FAO/WHO “basically probiotic are the live microorganisms which are used in the proper amount, so they grant healthy effects on the host body.” Introduction of probiotics opens a door that is responsible for the health promotion. Many foods like from bean to blueberry yogurt and as well as breakfast cereals containing such nutrients which are beneficial for promoting health. So, consumption of such food provides health benefits. Probiotic food consumption is responsible for curing the many diseases like coronary heart problem, diseases related to immune system, diabetes, and bacterial issues as well (1).

Insufficient consumption of fiber is widespread so it is recommended that it should be consumed in proper weight to prevent chronic diseases like weight gain. When the use of fibres is adequate, it reduces the risk of illness. Evidence suggested that fibers play an essential role in the reduction of severe diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, overweight and diabetes as well. In short, it maintains the overall health, so it is considered as an essential healthy food component (3).

Yogurt utilization is connected by healthy dietary model and standard of living. Dahi has improved diet value and as well as provide healthy metabolic activities. Dahi is considered as good for health, and it is thought to be a character of good health by consumers. In recent years consumption of Dahi per capita has been become e double increased. Various microbes like Lactobacillus, Streptococcus thermophiles are and bulgaricus spp. are needed for yogurt, and frozen yogurt preparation. These bacteria have the functional role in the digestion of lactogen protein in milk. For the absorption of lactose and enrichment of immune system, specific functional food is added. Additional functional food is added in development of new products(4).

Such food should be consumed which fulfill the nutrient intake goals. As well as by consumption of Dahi consumer agreed that it has positive health effects. To prevent diseases and to maintain weight management physical activity is considered as an essential factor. Health issues are generated because of improper diet, physical inactivity, and smoking habit. To stop all these problems need to pay more attention.



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