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Visual Merchandising Wal-Mart

The favorite retail store is the Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the most extensive global retailer and therefore offers the best sample regarding the seven principles of merchandising. The company applies the various principles to attract as many customers as possible (Nobbs 11). The leadership of the company recognizes that the picture portrayed means a lot in the attempt to draw the attention of the customers. Wal-Mart applies the various principles in the following ways.

Vertical/Horizontal principle

Wal-Mart arranges some of its items in the vertical direction. For instance, Wal-Mart organizes clothes from left to right. On the other hand, the company also arranges inventory such as similar types of glasses from top to bottom.

Focal points/Pyramids

This principle entails the arrangement of the items such as handbags that are of different sizes. In this case, the positioning of bags portrays one big bag at the back while and the rest in front of it following their sizes.


Under this principle, Wal-Mart arranges some of its items in a match. For instance, for every top, there is a respective skirt to depict the complete set of clothes for the customer (Shagal 113).


A large area of the Wal-Mart retail stores shows more of consistency. This is because the style used to arrange the clothes applies to the arrangement of the electronics. It becomes easy for the customers to identify the products they need.


Under this principle, Wal-Mart places some related items together to illustrate a point. For instance, employees put wines in the same location as the wine glasses to indicate their use.


Wal-Mart does well in applying this principle. Colorization mainly applies to the clothes arrangement, by locating the same color in the same areas, thus forming an exciting pattern (Shagal 110).

Unexpected details

This principle mainly applies to the electronic item areas. For instance, Wal-Mart displays one sizeable mobile phone to act as a sample to the customers. The samples allow the customers to learn more details that they would if they were all enclosed.

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