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View Of Good And Evil

The selected category describes what is considered to be right to do or not to do, as well as what is taken to be wrong to do or not to do. Thus, this is a category that guides people on the way to behave and the way not to behave. It teaches the people the do’s and don’ts as they practice their religion.

What Is Compelling?

This category is quite compelling as it describes what religion is all about. Religion is all about choosing between the right and the wrong. Thus, it is impossible to study and talk about religion without considering the good and the evil perspective. The category forms the foundation on which all other aspects are based.

Importance Of Studying Religion

It is important that people study religion. This is because it relates much more to the way people lead their lives and the ability to trace their origins. Human life is built on the platform of faith, and thus, it provides a deeper insight into religion (Martin & Olson 2015). It is, therefore, important to study religion to better understand what life is all about and what is expected of the ideal human life.

The Significance Of The View Of Good And Evil Across The Religions

The view of good and evil is significant across all religions, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Greek Orthodox, and others. In this case, all religions have their own rules and beliefs. The rules provide what is right or wrong for a member of the respective religions to engage in. For this reason, the view of good and evil guides the behavior of the members. As a result, the category guides the way people lead their lives and interact with one another. Members of a specific religion refrain from engaging in an act that is considered to be evil in that religion (Hughey 2015). On the other hand, many people engage in an act that their religion provides as good to engage in.

Noticing The View Of Good And Evil In Life

Being a Christian, I have noted that it is evil to ignore the less fortunate in society. In this case, Christianity teaches that it is the responsibility of all members to take care of the less fortunate. In this case, the doctrine teaches that each of us needs to be the keeper of his or her brother and sister. Therefore, I believe that it is good to assist my friends and the rest of the people wherever they are in need of my help. On the other hand, I believe that it is wrong to assume someone is in need of my help at any given time.

Impact Of The Category On People’s Lives

My life is surrounded by various religions, and thus, I interact with people professing different faiths. The aspect of evil and good guides the way of life of all the religions around. First, The Catholics believe that it is wrong to eat meat on Fridays during the Lent period as such times ought to be dedicated to prayers and also sacrifice for the less fortunate in society. Thus, their lives on such days are defined by the view of engaging in the right thing and shunning what is wrong. On the other hand, Hindus believe that the cow is a holy animal (Miller 2016). For this reason, they do not take the beef on any given occasion. This shapes the lives of all Hindus as they abide by this rule in their personal lives. Also, the Muslims believe that Pork is unclean and thus amounts to sin by eating it. Therefore, Muslims avoid eating pork on all occasions as it is considered evil.


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